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Erica Boyer
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Erica Boyer

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Born: 12/22/1956
Aliases: Carol Christy, Erica Bee, Joanne McRay

Date of Birth: December 22nd, 1956
Birthplace: Birmingham, Alabama
Current Resident in Dallas, Texas
Birth Name: Amanda Gantt
Assumed Aliases: Erica Bountiful | Erica Bee | Joanne McRay
Height: 5' 6" Weight: 118 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Blonde Breast: 36DD

Erica Boyer (Amanda Gantt) was from Alabama, where her father was the Attorney General. She was brought up in a strict household, and was taught, from an early age, that sex was something not be discussed and shared only by married couples. This sheltered upbringing didn't help Erica so much when, she was raped in her early teens, by a boy she had trusted. Erica then finding it hard to trust another man soon turned her attentions to women. Even after she got into the porn biz, she preferred women to men. Erica Boyer made over 200 videos from 1981-93. She made popular all-girl anal sex with dildos.

After moving to San Francisco in the late 70's, she became a dancer at the world famous, O'Farrell Theater (owned by the notorious Mitchell Brothers). The theater was where many of the Mitchell Brothers' stable of stars hung out, and it was where Erica gained the notice of Marilyn Chambers. Marilyn was so impressed & turned on by Erica, that she personally recruited her for her next film. Soon Erica made her hardcore debut in 'Beyond de Sade'. The film was quickly taken off the shelves shortly after its release. But Erica had already garnered attention for her role in the ill-fated film, and soon, she was sought after by many directors & producers to star in hardcore films.

She quickly dove in with an exuberance and gusto few before her or since, have displayed. And although she preferred women, she was soon starring opposite many of the leading studs in the biz. Many speculated that she was a great faker when it came to guys, but the reality was, she was starting to become more and more turned on by men & women alike. She declared herself a true bi-sexual.

Erica starred in many classic features of the 80's, like: 'Nothing to Hide', 'Every Woman Has a Fantasy', & 'Let's Get Physical'. When the switch was made from 35mm to video, Erica rolled right along and in total made over 200 features in her decade+ career. Erica was also one of the very first ?Anal Queens? of the biz. She literally loved having anal sex in front of the camera, and it showed. This helped her achieve ?Superstardom? in the adult film biz.

During the later part of her career, Erica had 2 major events take place. She had a bust job done, which gave her enormous boobs. She did this to increase her work load as many of the new starlets were augmented. She later realized this was a mistake and them reduced back to the original size. The second was her marriage to porn stud Austin Moore. The marriage ended after only a few years.

Erica, in the mid 90's began to focus more and more time on her dancing career, which she has toured with and had great success. She was recently inducted into the XRCO's & The AVN's Halls of Fame, recognizing her outstanding accomplishments in the porn industry. Erica has semi-retired from the biz, and lives in Texas, where she is a certified physical therapy massuse, and occasionally she goes out on tour and delights fans with her aforementioned dancing career.

Gifted with a gorgeous tight body, a beautiful ass, a pretty face & a wonderful personality, Erica Boyer was dubbed by Nina Hartley as 'The Ultimate Goddess of Erotica' a title that has stuck ever since.

Erica Boyer made over 200 videos from 1980-93, mainly portraying lesbians. The daughter of a former Attorney General of Alabama, she helped popularize all-girl anal sex with dildos.

She debuted in Beyond DeSade and gave her farewell performance in Working Girl. In 1994, she stopped doing live shows.

Between 1989 and 1991, she was married to a long haired pagan philosopher named Randy. Born around 1957, he runs Milt Ingley's studio. Randy performed from 1988 to 1992 under the name Austin Moore.

"Most girls in this business have been abused," he says, "and they use this to get the love they missed in childhood. They generally seek two types of guys - a little boy type that they can nurture or a father-image. They usually tire of the boys, and look for father-types to get sexual validation. Every man they do is another notch on their belt.

"Every time they do well in a scene, they get fans, get validation and that keeps them going.

"Lots of women are into alternate forms of spirituality. Judeo-Christian concepts don't allow them to do what they're doing. But other forms of worship, such as goddess worship or witchcraft, do allow them because the high priestess of any tribe was responsible for sexually initiating a man into sexuality.

"We all create god in our image. The girls in this industry create god or goddesses in their own image through exploration of the occult. Many girls worship Venus, a sexual god, or [shallow] forms of Buddhism and Taoism that don't have sexual prohibitions."

Featuring a slender but athletic build, Erica Boyer paved the way for later small breasted stars like Ginger Lynn and Barbara Dare.

In the early '90s, Erica briefly got breast implants which she shows off in 1992's All That Glitters.

Jim Holliday includes Boyer in his list of the 25 most important porn stars. "She's the single, all-time hottest babe ever to devour sex in fuck - films."

In 1985's Young Girls Do, about Erica's life, Boyer turns Shanna McCullough into a writhing mess by using bigger and bigger dildos up her ass.

Because she didn't like performing with men, Erica usually ended up in secondary roles. But she turned in major anal performances with the most beautiful girls in the industry including Hyapatia Lee and Ginger Lynn.
Boyer starred in Edwin Brown's classic, the original Every Woman Has A Fantasy. Holliday thought it the best film of the '80s.

"Ben (John Leslie) is married to Terry (Rachel Ashley). She meets with a group of her friends once a week, and as Ben discovers while he's in bed with Terry, in addition to exchanging recipes, they tell each other their fantasies. These fantasies are brought to life on the screen and include being tied, naked, to a dining room chair while your husband takes pictures of you, or inviting the handsome young delivery boy in the house and watching each other as you both masturbate (a detailed scene, as you watch the lady's finger playing with her engorged clitoris and shivering vulva as she climaxes), or a female news commentator who is reading the news but is really thinking about undressing in front of the TV cameras so that all can behold her (also playing with herself). Ben gets so wrapped up in these fantasies as his wife retells them, while they are making love in a believable marital bedroom encounter, that he fantasizes the ladies' fantasies (and ends up screwing all the ladies listed above). He finally convinces his wife to bring a tape recorder to the next meeting. But that proves insufficient. He wants to see the ladies faces as they tell their fantasies, so he hides in a closet. But the tour de force is when Terry insists that if he is so interested, he can do what Dustin Hoffman did in Tootsie, become a woman, and she will take him to the next meeting as her husband's cousin. John Leslie as a woman is much prettier than Hoffman, and funnier." (X-Rated Videotape Guide)

An source: "Erica Boyer is fully retired, occasionally coming out for a big money week dancing, but works as a massage therapist (fully qualified) in Dallas Texas.

"She also has had a lifelong fascination with astrology, and the fringe occult, things like tarot cards (she carries them at all times) and actually seems to have some degree of clairvoyance...just after I met her, she told me several things about myself that were BANG ON, and there was no way she could have known.

































Erica Boyer, Dead at 53

Erica Boyer in the 80's:

Back in the 90′s I came across an old VHS copy of Cagney and Stacey, a porn spoof of an 80′s TV show with a similar name. If I remember correctly, the opening scene was with Erica Boyer and an actor named Steve Powers. They are then joined by Stacey Donovan to end the scene with a full on three-way. That was the scene where I first discovered Erica Boyer, and the first thing I noticed about her was her incredibly athletic physique. Erica was definitely know for her incredible body as well as her charged performances.

Upon reading of her death I found out that after leaving the porn business for good she eventually retired to Panama City Beach, FL. This conflicts with an earlier post on this site that placed her in Texas. Below is an article I found on that has the details of her death and some some good biographical information as well.

Erica will be missed. I have included a slideshow at the bottom of some pics I found around the net.

Erica Boyer Killed in Traffic Accident

PORN VALLEY—According to news reports, actress Erica Boyer was killed on New Year’s Eve in a traffic accident near her home in Panama City Beach, Florida, where she had been living since her retirement from the adult industry in 1994. She was 53 years old, and is reportedly survived by one son.

The Panama City News-Herald has reported that Amanda Jensen, Boyer’s real name, was traveling south on Front Beach Road (U.S. Highway 98) near Second Street, and while attempting to cross Front Beach Road was struck by a 2001 four-door Hyundai being driven by an off-duty officer in the Florida Highway Patrol, Gregory Lowe of Fort Walton Beach. She was killed instantly. The accident occurred at 8:20 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, and is currently under investigation by the Highway Patrol.

According to the Internet Adult Film Database, Boyer began her XXX career in a little-seen 1974 movie, Cowgirls In Chains, but waited another five years before fully taking the plunge into adult acting. From that point, she worked regularly for another 25 years, during which period she racked up the vast majority of her 184 features. However, she did come out of retirement briefly in the early 2000s.

“The only time I ever worked with Erica was when she found out I was making a movie with Marilyn [Chambers],” recalled actress/director Veronica Hart. “She flipped; she said, ‘I have to do a scene with her.’ It’s something she’d wanted to do all her life, and she basically came out of retirement to do a scene with Marilyn, because she just loved her so much.”

The movie was Dark Chambers, the second of a trio of movies Chambers did for VCA beginning in 1999, and Boyer’s final on-camera appearance.

“She was just so nice and so sweet,” Hart continued. “She was living in Florida. Everybody had only the nicest things to say about her. She was just a gem to work with, and she was so thrilled to work with Marilyn, and I was so happy to be able to put them together.”

Boyer was known primarily for her girl/girl scenes, and reportedly, that was her preference off-camera as well.

Asked in a 1989 interview whether there were any real lesbians in the adult industry, bisexual actress Nina Hartley replied, “There used to be two: Erica Boyer and Barbara Dare. While for many years they had lesbian relationships off camera for emotional support and identified themselves as lesbians, each recently got married to a man. Obviously, they were basically bisexual and just hadn’t found the right man yet. They still enjoy sex with women very much, and there will always be that love and affection for women. But at this point in time, they have bonded with a man.”

Erica Boyer

Indeed, at the first X-Rated Critics’ Organization (XRCO) Awards show, Boyer was given the “Lascivious Lesbian” award for her performance with Robin Everett in Bob Chinn’s Body Girls. VCA’s Every Woman Has A Fantasy also won that year for “Most Erotic Film of the Year,” in which Boyer had essayed a solo, a girl/girl and a threeway scene for the film.

But it appears that Boyer’s sexuality—and in fact, her life—was more complicated than that.

“She was a wonderful, wonderful, crazy, incredible woman,” recalled director F.J. Lincoln. “I don’t ever think I’ve heard her use a cross word against anybody. I know everybody’s going to tell you she wasn’t reliable, and that part is true: You would hire her and then think of an alternate because she wouldn’t always come to work … but when she did, she was incredible, and her and I almost ran away in Europe. We worked in italy and then we went to Germany, and we had money, and she said, ‘Fuck it, let’s not go home; let’s just roam Europe till we run out of money,’ and I guess if I’d been ten years younger, I would have said, ‘Yeah.’”

“She was primarily a lesbian,” he continued, “but when I first met Brad Armstrong, it was at Erica’s. She invited me onto her patio and Brad was there. He was her latest boyfriend.”

Boyer was also a free spirit when it came to psychedelics.

“We were all doing mushrooms once,” Lincoln remembered, “and she had this thing, when she would do mushrooms, she would change her clothes like ten times during the night, and her makeup too. Our apartments were adjacent, on top of a bar in Ventura, and all of a sudden we heard her scream, and we went running into the other apartment to see what was wrong, and she was standing there crying and saying, ‘I shrunk! I shrunk!’ What she had done is put on this giant sweatshirt which made her arms where the elbows go and the bottom of it went almost to her feet—and it was a gag, a joke, but that was the kind of person she was.”

“She was absolutely hilarious, and sexual, too,” he continued. “We were staying in Germany in this old castle, and it was when Interview With The Vampire had just come out, the book, and all day, she was reading me little excerpts, especially the excerpts where the little girl vampire, her mind grows, she gets older but her body stays the same, and she starts seducing her victims.”

“That night, I went upstairs to my little pointy-roof bedroom,” he continued, “and I got in bed, ready to go to sleep, and there’s a knock on the door, and she’s standing there in this little cotton nightgown with pigtails, holding a teddy bear, and she says to me, ‘I’m really afraid and I can’t sleep; can I say in here with you?’ And I said, ‘Sure, why not?’ And she got in the bed and she turned herself so all I could see was her beautiful neck, and I became a vampire. We started to get together, and I realized how incredibly inventive this woman was, and she was just so much fun to be with. This is really a loss.”

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Dark Corners

Dark Corners

Dark Corners

Description: When her deepest sexual thoughts come into the light of reality, it is revealed that Erica Boyer is pure sex! Once you look into these Dark Corners, you're bound to end up in a dark crevice. Runtime: 80 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer, Mike Horner, Britt Morgan, Mark Wallice, Misty Warner, Tracey Adams

Studio: Las Vegas Video



Dreams In the Forbidden Zone

Dreams In the Forbidden Zone

Dreams In the Forbidden Zone

Description: Erica and Allan have the perfect marriage until, while playing sex games, he accidentally dies. Erica is guilt ridden and grief stricken until visited by Allan's spirit. Forgiving her and comforting her, he presents her with a book of dreams from beyond which plummets her into a series of confusing, fanciful, sexual adventures and sends her on an odyssey of erotic self discovery and sends her on an odyssey of erotic self discovery. Runtime: 87 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer, Lynn LeMay, Trinity Loren, Peter North, Tom Byron, Brandy Alexandre, Jade East, Nina DePonca, Ray Victory, Rick Daniels, Sasha Gabor, Shane Hunter, Viper

Studio: LBO



Erica Boyer's Porn Players

Erica Boyer's Porn Players

Erica Boyer's Porn Players

Description: Get into this classic XXX from the 1980’s with these wild and horny porn players, led by Erica Boyer. Find out what makes them so great and so "classic." Runtime: 63 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer

Studio: Western Visuals



Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Description: AVN and XRCO Hall Of Famer Erica Boyer heads the superb cast in this jovial 1985 VCX Classic. Two successful business men (Kevin James and Tom Byron) are having a grand opening of their new business venture the coming week-end and are relaxing at Kevin's spatial digs to release their pent-up stress with wanton abandonment! While Kevin receives oral stimulation from the exotic far-east goddess Kristara Barrington, Tom is busy skinny dipping in the pool with the wet, wild, and always playful Summer Rose. When Kevin joins the amorous duo in the pool, a steamy threesome ensues. Meanwhile, accountant Peter North arrives to find an equally steamed Kristara in the shower. He quickly hops into the vaporous atmosphere working Kristara into a frothing lather. Soon after, models Rachel Ryan and Erica Boyer arrive to talk about the grand opening where they are to entertain the shopping malls new customers. Getting into the festivities, the girls engage in a spirited sapphic soiree that brings down the house!Runtime: 86 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer, Peter North, Tom Byron, Kristara Barrington, Kevin James, Rachel Ryan, Summer Rose

Studio: VCX






Description: Screwdriver is not only the name of this bar, but fucking like crazy is the bartender's special of the day. Here you can get it on the rocks and on your cock! Special Edition Runtime: 74 minutes

Stars: Erica Boyer, Krista Lane, Mauvis Denoire, Megan Leigh, Shaunna McCullough

Studio: Coast To Coast



Sex After Death

Sex After Death

Sex After Death

Description: Harry has passed on to his great reward. Return with us to the lays of his life as retold by Barbara Dare, Sharon Mitchell, Erica Boyer and Sheena Horne. Discover for yourself why they all lovingly consider him the greatest man who ever loved. Runtime: 79 minutes

Stars: Barbara Dare, Erica Boyer, Sharon Mitchell, Sheena Horne, Herman Flogger

Studio: Gourmet



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