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Austin Kincaid
Austin Kincaid

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Born: 1/14/1980
Aliases: Ms. Austin, Mrs. Austin, Melissa Meadows, Austin, Veronica Knight, Austin Kinkaid, Austin Kinkade

Country of Origin: United States United States NC - North Carolina Asheville
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 49 kg - 108 lbs
Measurements: 36DD-24-36
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 8

Austin Kincaid, born January 14, 1980 in Asheville, North Carolina, appears more frequently in mature roles in the pornographic world. Viewers likely remember her in roles often time casting her as motherly character or teacher, or even an office executive. She began her career in 2001 and has appeared in over 150 films. Before her career in the adult filming industry, Austin worked as a waitress, before graduating to working as a feature entertainer. She also did work appearing in magazines and nude contests. Eventually, after doing this, she made her entry into the the porn world. In 2007, she was nominated for AVN awards for Best Supporting Actress in a Film, Best Actress in a Film and Group Sex Scene, so far notching up appearances in over 150 films.


Inside Austin Kincaid
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Interview Date: August 21, 2008

Imagine taking a year away from your job and when you came back things were not the way they were before. That is exactly what happened to Austin Kincaid. When she took a break from shooting porn she was one of the most sought after porn stars in the business, working almost every single day. When she came back she was landing roles in MILF movies after only being a year older. In this interview with XRentDVD's Big D, Austin Kincaid discusses the changing adult DVD marketplace, why she took a break from porn and what brought her back and how to deal with fans that can not separate her porn persona from the real person she is inside.

Big D: Seemes like you took some time off from performing but now you are back. Did you take a hiatus or did it just seem like it? What made you come back?

Austin Kincaid: I actually did take a break for about a year. I was shooting a lot. I was shooting almost every single day. It got to be a little too much so I decided to take a break for about a year. Now I prefer to not shoot every single day because it gets to be too hard on your body and it gets to be too much. I feel like I need to have somewhat of a normal life outside of porn also.

Big D: So what did you do during that year away from porn?

Austin Kincaid: I danced for a little while and I also worked in an office for a little while. It was a real estate office with some people I know.

Big D: How was that making the transition from working every single day where you are naked and having sex on camera to working in an office and having to be a bit more professional?

Austin Kincaid: It was really, really strange. I actually got a little bored. I guess I am used to so much drama and so much stuff going on that just sitting in an office was very normal and there was not much happening. It got a little boring. (laughs)

Big D: Was the boredom and the routine of a real estate job the motivating factor that brought you back into porn?

Austin Kincaid: Yeah and I pretty much missed being able to work whenever I wanted to. I missed all the free time I had while I was shooting porn.

Big D: Since you have come back to porn you seem to be popping up in a lot of MILF and horny housewife type movies. Whereas before you took your break you weren't being cast in those roles. Does that bother you to be cast in those type of roles because you are not that old?

Austin Kincaid: It kind of just happened that way. I am 28 and I guess I fit into that category although I don't think that makes me a MILF. The strange thing is that I have shot a Just Legal movie and a MILF movie in the same week. I guess I have the face that I can pull on being younger. I don't know. It was really strange. I have showed up on set before and had people tell me I am not old enough until I tell them I am 28. Then they say, 'oh, you don't look 28'. I guess that is a good thing.
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Big D: How do you feel about that? Does it bother you to be cast in roles where you clearly are not a teenager?

Austin Kincaid: At first it did bother me. At first I was saying, 'wait a second. I don't feel like I am older.' I've kind of gotten used to it and it doesn't hurt my feelings or anything. I am a lot older than a lot of the younger girls. So if I look at it that way I can kind of get what they are seeing. There are not a lot of the girls that are in their 30's that are in the business. I am sure the producers were just running out of girls and they have just lowered this age thing. It is not just girls can only be 35 and older to shoot MILF movies. I've shot all sorts of things. I have shot Latina movies. I did not even know it was a Latina movie until the cover came out. I was on the cover of a Latina movie and I am not Latina. I've been on box covers of Asian movies. It is really strange. I think they just run out of people that fits that category.

Big D: Since you have been in porn, took a break and now have come back, do to think that new casting mentality has hurt the overall porn industry? Seems like they are grasping at anything they think will make money even if it is not true.

Austin Kincaid: In lots of ways I think that they do do that and I think it hurts the industry. Way back before I was in the business, when Jenna Jameson was around and Janine Lindemulder, a lot of the big porn stars had a really big name. All the girls back then were big name girls. There weren't girls that were unknowns if you know what I mean. Being a porn star was a much bigger deal than it is now. Now, everyone is a porn star. There are hundreds of us. In a way they should be a little more picky. And that is another reason why I think work has gotten a lot slower for a lot of people. Just four years ago when I got into the business, everyone was working every single day. Some people were shooting a few scenes a day. Now, not so much. I think it's because agents are taking in every girl that comes in off the street, every girl that applies.

Big D: Do you see the proliferation of the internet with all these streaming sites and cam shows and the like have polluted the waters when it comes to porn talent? There is just so much content whether it be online or on DVD that they need so many girls to be fresh and new that it has squeezed out the established porn stars?

Austin Kincaid: I think the internet sites are a good thing. Actually internet porn is making it a little bit more mainstream. I can see both sides of the spectrum. I know that the DVD business is going down because porn is so accessible now. You can get it online, you can get it in your home with a membership to a website for 20 bucks. DVD sales seems to be going down because everything looks like it is switching to internet now. There are less features being made now because everything is switching to internet. A lot of the bigger companies are starting to move their stuff to the internet as well. The big guys like Vivid and Wicked are starting to do more and more internet stuff. It didn't used to be like that when I first started in the business. I don't think it is a bad thing with all the internet companies. I think it is getting us out there. I just wish the agencies would be a bit more picky and the studios be more picky about who they were hiring. We need to get back to the point of where being a porn star was a big deal again.

Big D: While you took your year break from performing in porn, did you keep up with the business and noticed trends happening while you were away?
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Austin Kincaid: Once I returned I noticed there were a lot more talent agencies out there. Before there just used to be a few big ones. Now there are a lot of them. It was also in that year that I was gone that internet really started to take over. Before I left I was shooting a lot of DVD stuff. All of my stuff was DVD and very little of it was internet. Now almost all of it is internet stuff that I am shooting and very little is DVD. It seems like the girls have gotten younger too. That may be my imagination or maybe because I have gotten a year older, I don't know. (laughs) I see a lot of 18 year olds now. That didn't used to be the case . It seemed like back when I was doing it everyone I knew was 22 or 23 years old.

Big D: Since there is such an influx of youth, have you seen the industry try to adjust or to adapt to the new way to shoot these girls that do not have the maturity like someone like you or the experience like someone like yourself?

Austin Kincaid: I wouldn't say the studios are catering to the younger girls too much. I know that a lot of the new contract girls are really young now. It used to be more womanly girls were the contract girls. Girls like Stormy Daniels. I wouldn't say they are completely catering to the younger girl but I am sure that is why I am doing so many MILF scenes now. It also might be the companies are taking MILFS a little bit younger now is because of the wider age range.

Big D: Speaking about contract girls, you mentioned one of the reasons why you took the time off was because you were working too much. Does the prospect of being offered a contract appeal to you? Normally contract girls typically have a set number of movies they will shoot and can focus on promoting the company rather than churning out tons of movies.

Austin Kincaid: At first when I first broke into the industry I wasn't interested in it. That was because I could make more money and I could get myself out there more or do a whole bunch of different sorts of things without a contract. Now it would probably interest me because I could work less and still make a certain amount of money every month and every year. There would be a few things that I would have to do like I would have to own my name, Austin Kincaid, to still be able to run my own website. Instead of having someone or a company completely take over my porn persona.

Big D: How important is the branding of your name as Austin Kincaid to the success one can find as a porn star? I guess I am asking, what's in a name?

Austin Kincaid: I think it is important for the long run. A lot of girls don't look at it or don't think about it long term. They don't think about what is going to happen when they get out of the business. What is going to happen when they decide they don't want to shoot anymore? What's going to happen when I decide I want to retire? Even if I have my website and I have my name, even after I stop shooting I can continue shooting for my own website. I can continue to keep building on that name but in a different way now. I can go in and build my name as a director. I can still stay in the business in some way, without actually having to shoot myself once I decide I want to retire. A lot of people don't think about it that way. Once you become a porn star you really can't go to work at Bed, Bath and Beyond. People will recognize me and then fans will start coming into that store looking for autographs. It would be extremely awkward. Once you have taken it so far, once you have shot so many movies, there is not taking that back. You can't just quit and go back to who you once were again.

Big D: Did you know that you can't go back to being the same person you were before before or after you got into doing hardcore? Was this something you learned while working in porn or did you already have it figured out before getting in and still proceeded forward with a career in front of the porn cameras?

Austin Kincaid: I came to that realization when I took that year break. I realized that there isn't any going back. You can't take it away. If I decide to quit, I am pretty much in it. I am in it for good. 30 years from now there is still going to be a movie out there with me in it. Somewhere someone is going to own it. Someone is going to have it in their closet. Something is going to be out there with me in it. There is no taking it away. It is kind of a permanent thing. I guess in the back of my mind I knew this when I got into the business. In the back of my mind I knew it but it didn't seem so real until I took a break and decided I needed to slow down. It didn't seem so real until I took a break and decided to have a little bit of normalcy. I then realized you just can't get away from it. You're kind of in this for good once you are in it. I think a lot of girls don't realize that when they get in. They don't really think about it.

Big D: Was it that typical porn star moment where you are in a regular, everyday place like the grocery store or getting coffee and someone comes up and recognizes you and calls you Austin Kincaid? Did you have that type of moment where it was a wake up call that there are tons of people out there have seen you on film and will recognize and approach you in your normal life?

Austin Kincaid: Yeah, I did. For some reason when I first got into this I didn't expect to have a lot of recognition. I didn't expect to be as well known as I am. I didn't expect that. It still surprises me even now when people will walk up to me and ask me for my autograph. My initial reactions is, “What? Me? You want my autograph?”. It is still a surprise moment where I have to remind myself. It does have those moments where it forces me to realize that it has gotten to that point.

Big D: Do you find it hard that porn fans especially can not separate the fact that although you get naked and have sex with strangers on film does not mean you are this insatiable women that is willing to have sex with anyone that approaches her on the street? Is it more difficult for porn fans to make that distinction that even though it is porn, you are still playing a role?
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Austin Kincaid: I think it is hard for a lot of fans to realize that. Just as they are with any mainstream actor or actress, fans can get so wrapped up into your character. And because it is acting in any form is about fantasy and about taking someone's mind into a story that a lot of people do have a hard time separating. Not everyone but some of them do. I get emails and messages on my myspace page from people saying that they think I am a wonderful person and that I am so kind and that they love me. I think to myself, how do these people know I am kind or nice. Even though I am, they don't know that. They don't know me. How can you say, “you're so different from everyone else”, from just watching a movie? How can you tell that? People automatically assume that I am this type of person. Or they will build this character around me and assume that that is who I am even though that have never met me. Yeah, I do think a lot of people do have a hard time differentiating what is real and what is just fantasy.

Big D: Do you have to do anything extra to remind people that it is just characters you are playing and that you are not just this super horny girl that fucks everyone anytime you meet them?

Austin Kincaid: I've never had anything too severe where it has come to that. I have had a couple of stalkers and I have had to put them in their place and be very stern with them. I've never really had anyone take it too far where I had to actually say something about it. I have had a few stalkers but other than them most people aren't too bad with it and take it the wrong way. I do hear about it and I do think to myself, 'wow, this person doesn't even know me and they are writing these things to me.'

Big D: Now that you have taken your hiatus to collect yourself, what are your plans to move forward in porn?

Austin Kincaid: As of right now I have my own website,, where I am working on getting enough content of me up there so that I can eventually and slowly ween myself off of there in the next couple of years. At that point I would want to put up more and more content of other people up there. That way I could start shooting other people for my site. That would be a way to kind of retire off of that. I have also looked into directing porn for other companies as well.

Big D: First job?

Austin Kincaid: At 15 years old I bussed tables and then waited tables at 16.

Big D: First concert?

Austin Kincaid: I can't even remember but if I had to guess it was probably a country concert. I grew up in the south.

Big D: First car?

Austin Kincaid: A teal green Beretta GT

Big D: What’s in your CD player right now?

Austin Kincaid: I listen to everything. I have country. I have stuff like Coldplay. I have Metal and Hip Hop. Yeah, I love music.
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Big D: Favorite food?

Austin Kincaid: Anything Italian food

Big D: First porn you ever watched?

Austin Kincaid: You know I never watched porn until after I was in it? It was Briana Loves Jenna.

Big D: Favorite position?

Austin Kincaid: I like missionary with my legs on the guy's shoulders

Big D: Go to the movies or go to the ballgame?

Austin Kincaid: I'd go to the movies because I love movies. I didn't really grow up too much around sports. I would like to see the Lakers play but I don't follow sports too much.

Big D: What modern convenience can you not live without?

Austin Kincaid: My cell phone. I have had days where I did not have it available and I have gone completely nuts.

Big D: Favorite mainstream movie?

Austin Kincaid: I like horror movies. If there is a horror movie playing and I don't care if it looks horrible. I like the Friday the 13th series and the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.

Big D: Favorite vacation spot?

Austin Kincaid: Probably the mountains. I like hiking. I love Gastonia and places in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Big D: Person you’d like to meet that you have not met?

Austin Kincaid: Probably Da Vinci. It would be him and a lot of other people from the Renaissance.

Big D: Place you want to visit but haven’t yet?

Austin Kincaid: Italy

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