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Born: 1/15/1972
Aliases: Blake, Blake Young, Brooke Young, Kobi Tai

Birth Name: Carla Scott Carter

Although the ranks of Asian stars in the adult-film business has been growing, few have reached the status of Kobe Tai. She and Asia Carrera are probably the two most popular Asian women in porn, and it's a toss-up as to which one would take the #1 spot. Of Chinese/Japanese extraction, she was born in Taiwan and placed in an orphanage at an early age. Adopted by an American family, she was brought to the US and raised there. She broke into the adult-film business in 1996 under the name Blake Young (she also used the name Brooke Young). Her diminutive size (5' 3") hasn't stopped her from working with some of the biggest (pun intended) stars in the business and she quickly became a fan favorite.

She took time off in the middle part of 2000 to have a child, but returned in December of 2001, and is still going strong.
She was married with Mark Davis (16 November 1996 - 1999) and divorced in 1999

Attended the University of Arkansas. Adopted by an American family at 5 months.
Half Japanese, half Taiwanese
Retired from the adult film industry in mid-2000 and announced she was expecting her first child.
Gave birth to her first child, a boy, in late 2000/early 2001.

Returned to making adult movies in December 2001 when she made Jenna Loves Kobe (2003) with Jenna Jameson. It was her first time back in front of cameras in two years.

From Her Site:
This exotic and erotic Kobe Tai began her adult career in 1996 with her performance in Vivid Raw 2 : All Asian – All Anal. Before long she would get an exclusive contract working for Vivid and became an infamous Vivid girl (the first ever Asian vivid girl) and would stay with Vivid almost the entire span of her adult career … in fact, her last two movies, which were released in 2005 were made with Vivid ( Jenna Loves Kobe and Perfect) before her official and final retirement.

She stayed with Vivid almost the entire span of her adult career, until she officially retired in 2000. About a year later she returned until 2003. It was in 2003 that she retired for good and is presumed to be enjoying her life as a happy little housewife somewhere in suburbia.

Most people know her as that “cute little Asian chick” but don’t seem realize that although she was born in Taiwan she actually grew up in America and speaks English as plain as you and me. Still yet, see is of Asian descent and is one of the top Asian porn stars of all time. She worked in the business almost an entire decade, doing her first movie in 1996 and officially retiring for good in 2003. She is a 5 foot 3, 90 pound little goddess that we all know and love and I hope you enjoy all that we have presented you here about her.

Kobe Tai broke into business in 1996 she didn’t know what name she wanted to use … it was either Blake, Blake Young, Brooke, or Brooke Young but before you knew it she was renamed Kobe Tai and working for the biggest company in the business (Vivid). This very tiny goddess now ranks among the top Asian porn stars of all time.

Her first work with Vivid was in the movie Vivid Raw 2 : All Asian – All Anal. Her sizzling performance with Alex Sanders made her an instant star. Right after she performed in the feature Stardust 3. Things obviously went well because within a few months Vivid asked Kobe Tai back to perform in volume 4, 5 and 6 that following year. Eventually she was signed under an exclusive contract with them to become the first ever Asian Vivid girl.

In 1997 Kobe Tai fell and love and married one of her favorite co-stars, Steven Scott who performs under the name Mark Davis. This is where we get the alias “Carla Scott” from. Despite their divorce in 1999, Kobe Tai is still said to use this name. She has also been known to use the name Carla Scott Carter.

Born was born on January 15, 1972 and was given the name Carla Carter by her adopted parents. Kobe Tai was born in Taipei, Taiwan but speaks with a distinctly U.S. accent which is probably because by the time she was five months old she was adopted by an American family in Arkansas. Although I should note that some sources say she did not get adopted until she was about two. Either way, we know for sure that she was an orphan and came to the US at a very young age.

Kobe Tai stands 5 foot 3 inches tall and weighs about 90 pounds. She is extremely tiny weight wise … she would give starlets like Paris Hilton and Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham) a run for her money when it comes to size. Kobe Tai’s measurements are 32-22-32 and her breasts are a C cup that are in fact surgically enhanced.

Kobe Tai stayed with Vivid almost the entire span of her adult career. She retired in 2000 after announcing that she was expecting her first child. After Kobe Tai has her son, she had a short return to adult acting in December of 2001. She stayed this time until around 2003. Her last film was Jenna Loves Kobe. Since then she has left the industry all together and is presumed to be enjoying her life as a happy little housewife somewhere in suburbia.


Interview with

Asian Cream Queen: Kobe Tai
(Interview in Erotic X-Film #2, 1997)

Out of the midwest comes the hottest new Asian porn queen in years.

She's all American, moving out to Hollywood to break into adult films, scoring a major porn stud for her husband and landing a contract with Vivid Video, one of the biggest adult video companies in porn town. Her name is Kobe Tai and she's so new, she doesn't even have a fan club yet. Over the next year, she'll release more than a dozen videos and already has renewed her contract with Vivid. In the meantime, fans wishing to write to her can do so in care of Vivid Video, 15127 Califa St., Van Nuys, CA 91411. Here's what this little Asian porn queen is all about.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Let's start off by clarifying something for the readers. Didn't you go by another name when you first got started in the adult business?

Kobe Tai: Yes, I worked under the name Blake Young.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Tell us some facts about Kobe Tai.

Kobe Tai: My measurements are 32-22-32. I'm five foot, two inches tall. I weigh ninety pounds. I was born January 15, 1972. I was born in Tai Pei, Taiwan. I came over to the United States in 1974. I'm half Chinese, half Japanese. My family is entirely American, so I can not speak a darn word of another language! I was adopted in Taiwan. My dad was in the Navy. I lived in San Diego till I was five. My dad retired after twenty years of service and we moved to Arkansas. That's where I grew up and went to college before moving to Cleveland where I lived for a short while before moving to Hollywood.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Do you have any siblings?

Kobe Tai: I have one sister who is eleven years older than me and she looks just like my mom with blonde hair and green eyes. She and my parents don't know what I do for a living, though they know I do nude work. They're waiting for my Penthouse layout and they're cool about that. But they don't know about the adult stuff and that I'm a Vivid girl. I'm slowly breaking them in to that. I'm not really sure how to break them into that. Slowly, by me telling about Penthouse and taking them slowly, step by step, they're going to be okay with it.

Erotic X-Film Guide: How much schooling have you had?

Kobe Tai: I've had three years of college and I have one year left. I majored in Communications. I had hoped to do some public relations for GMAC (General Motors) or become someone like Connie Chung because I like to talk. I love music and play the piano and the flute. I haven't played the flute for so long--(Her husband, Mark Davis, makes a lewd joke in the background about skin flute playing.)

Erotic X-Film Guide: The readers can pretty much figure that one out!

Kobe Tai: Stay in the kitchen!

Erotic X-Film Guide: Okay, let's get back to business. Where did you go to college?

Kobe Tai: The University of Arkansas. I moved to Cleveland because my boyfriend was a manager of this chain of restaurants and got transferred there. He asked me to go and since we'd been together for three years, I went with him. I stayed there for a year and didn't like the weather there. I was a nanny there and figured it would get my maternal instincts out, never having children of my own. The girl I watched was nine months old and she was so cute. The last four months I was there, I decided to be myself. That's when I decided to find out what topless dancing was all about.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Okay, let's stop there. I'm trying to follow the time line here. A girl grows up the midwest in a military family, studies communications and classical music in college and suddenly ends up dancing in a topless bar. What happened?

Kobe Tai: That was the first time I was ever away from my family and I was never just known as me. I was always so an so's daughter. I always had to watch what I did and what I said because I lived in a small town. When I got to Cleveland, I realized I could do whatever I wanted. Everybody told me I should go to Tiffany's Cabaret where the girls were making a fortune and only dancing a couple of hours a day. Don't forget that I was only working as a nanny for a couple of hours a day. So I decided to give it a try. I didn't lose my virginity till I was seventeen. Compared to most people, that's a late bloomer. Then I decided to make up for lost time. I can turn anything to sex. Any conversation, or any subject I can make be about sex. That's just the way I am.

Erotic X-Film Guide: What got you to the next stage of working in the adult business?

Kobe Tai: I met Sunset Thomas, who was featuring there one week. She came up and tipped me when I was onstage and that surprised me because usually the house girls go up and tip the feature. I went up to her and thanked her afterwards and she said of all the girls there I was the cutest and she could tell that I was different. I told her that I was interested in shooting for Playboy and Penthouse and she asked me if I had ever given a thought to work in the adult business. I admitted that I had watched maybe one movie in my time, something that was called The Game. I can't remember who actually was in it. It was shot in this boxing arena and the girls boxed and then went into sex from there.

(Sunset's) manager, Zach Thomas, came over to me and offered to fly me out to Los Angeles. When I went there, he took me around to Wicked, Sin City, VCA, Vivid, everybody. He also took me to meet all the photographers, Scott St. James, Elvis Bertram and all the others. I did a couple of videos and Vivid asked me to not shoot for anybody else and they put me on hold and two weeks later they signed me. I kind of jumped into everything really quick. On the very first day in Los Angeles, I shot for VCA. That was called House Party. Then I shot for Joey Silvera, in Executions on Butt Row. I also shot for Ariana in Dirty Dancers #8. I also shot a movie for Pussyman, called Pussyman's Anal Auditions. Those were the only four movies I did for people other than Vivid. Since then, the only things I have done have been for Vivid.

Erotic X-Film Guide: What was it like working in an anal scene with Sean Michaels for Executions on Butt Row?

Kobe Tai: I have always had a thing for him and he's a total gentleman. He's very sweet and polite and knowing that it was my first time, he was very, very cautious and made me feel comfortable.

Erotic X-Film Guide: How many videos have you done for Vivid to date?

Kobe Tai: I've done 11 or 12 movies. The first one was Vivid Raw 2. After that, I did Lethal Affairs. I did Stardust 4,8,11&12 and I did Show and Tell, Trapped, 101 Sex Positions, Ancient Asian Sex Secrets and I'm shooting a movie directed by Michael Zen that also stars Asia Carrera. This is going to be my best movie to date.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Who was your first sex scene with in the business?

Kobe Tai: Micky Ray and it was a good one. He was really nice, toned and clean cut. I didn't even think of the camera for the first time and being attracted to him and having a good sex session. I didn't even think about the camera. Actually, I get turned on when the camera is on me because I'm an exhibitionist.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Are you also a voyeur?

Kobe Tai: Yeah, totally. If there's somebody that I'm really attracted to and they're turned on by another person, I don't even have to be involved. It just turns me on to watch. That's more than enough for me.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Which brings me to my next question. How did you and Mark Davis meet? You guys appear to have a somewhat open marriage.

Kobe Tai: Ha-ha! We met at a birthday part that first week I came here. It was for a girl who used to be in the porn business named Gabrielle. I saw him walk in the door and thought he was the most beautiful creature in the world. He was totally solo. We got introduced and started talking. He listened to me sing the song from "The Little Mermaid." The next thing I knew it was the morning after. Then we started dating and every time I came into town to shoot for Vivid, we got together. Then we got to work together in Lethal Affairs and that was great. That whole week was our chance to get to know each other and decided we wanted to get married. That's when I made the move to fly out and live here full time and get married. We got married in November of 1996.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Now that you are married, do you still sing to him before you make love?

Kobe Tai: Actually, while I make love. I'm like a little songbird, singing all the time. Mark's got a really good voice too. We hope to be able to sing sometime, but he's kind of shy, so if anybody in the household were to sing in public, it would be me. I'm contemplating singing at the AVN awards show next year.

Erotic X-Film Guide: How are things going with your contract with Vivid?

Kobe Tai: I actually just re-signed with them for another year. I fulfilled my contract in the first six months. Marci from Vivid loved using me and she put me into a lot of movies. She was the one who met me and decided to work with me.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Are you making up for lost time by having all this sex now?

Kobe Tai: Yeah, I guess I am. I'm twenty five and young and full of sexual energy. I'm very bisexual and I knew it before I got into the business. My first time with a girl was with Sunset Thomas in the dressing room at Tiffany's. She was getting ready for one of her shows and she invited me in and it was very spontaneous. She just sat me down in a chair and ate me out. So I blame it all on her. She turned me into an animal.

Erotic X-Film Guide: So you have sexual relations with women and men outside the business?

Kobe Tai: Yeah, I do. We do.

Erotic X-Film Guide: You guys are swingers!

Kobe Tai: Oh, god! People are always saying that to us. Yeah, it's true. In all my years in my relationships, I've been monogamous. So this is new to me. I would never have done this before. But they always say, when you meet the right one, you know. That's the way it is for Mark and I. We don't have to work on our relationship. It just flows. We have communication and the ability for him to give to me and me to give to him. There aren't many relationships where a man can let a woman bring home another man, though he can allow for her to share his bed with another woman. Mark is very good, it turns him on to. We have a fun, happy and well-rounded relationship. We don't plan these things, they just happen.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Well, how often do they happen?

Kobe Tai: The hardcore turn-on of this happening is what keeps us going. It happens about twice a month. We like to play and have sex every day. I know that whenever you do it for the camera, you have to have sex and block a certain way. But there's sometime when we're in our bedroom when I wish the camera was turned on us. The new things that I'm learning are turning me into quite the acrobat. I love Mark very much and there's nothing I would ever change about our relationship. We're totally in love and happy with each other.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Do you always have orgasms on screen?

Kobe Tai: Oh yes! I love working with Vivid because I get to choose who I work with. That sure helps when you are turned on to the person. You can have this great big orgasm in the clitoral region and the vaginal area and the camera always knows.

Erotic X-Film Guide: And we always watch to see when the toes are curling. That's a surefire way to tell too! Who are some of your favorite, male and female?

Kobe Tai: Jenteal is one of my favorites, on and off screen. All the Vivid girls are great. I've gotten to know all of them off screen and they really are the greatest. Mark Davis, of course. He's very functional. I love Vince Voyeur. There's a new guy named Billy Glide. He's a very pleasant young lad who is a pleasure to be around. I've requested him in my last four movies. And he's hung.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Tell me which scene was your best to date.

Kobe Tai: I did a three-hour sex scene with Mark Davis in a picture that's not even out yet. That's going to be in Ancient Asian Sex Positions and we hadn't had sex in a couple days. My best sex scene to date with women comes in Lethal Affairs with Janine and Chasey. It was nice having a brunette, me and a blonde. I liked that one.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Why did you get your breasts enlarged?

Kobe Tai: They aren't that big so you can imagine what they looked like before I got them done. I looked like a table! I always wanted boobs. I got the right size, just enough to fill a bathing suit. I got them enlarged to a B cup.

Erotic X-Film Guide: Tell me about your love of anal sex.

Kobe Tai: My first month out here got me into it. I did a scene with Alex Sanders and he had gotten my number through my manager and kept calling to take me out. We spent quite a bit of them together and we eventually did it for Vivid Raw 2. It felt great. I also did a good one with Sean Michaels for Joey Silvera in Executions on Butt Row. That wasn't really a full-fledged anal, but I took as much of him as I could and it was awesome. You've really got to love somebody to get fucked in the ass. The only person I can successfully do a great anal with is Mark Davis. We did one in The Show 2. It's going to be incredible. Next week, in my movie with Asia Carrera I'm going to do two in one feature.

Erotic X-Film Guide: What's coming up for you in the future?

Kobe Tai: I'm going to dance in the next year. I plan on going out as a feature dancer by the end of 1997 and I want to go on to do productions and stay on top as long as I can. I'll take a break and come out with my own line. I look forward to having a beautiful child too. We love kids and want to have a family.

Erotic X-Film Guide: What does Kobe Tai mean?

Kobe Tai: That's a good question! I thought it meant good luck but found out it didn't. For all I know, it could mean picket fence, but we liked the way it sounds, so I kept it. That's me. If I like something, I stick with it. And I'm sticking with this business!

KobeTai Complete Filmography:

4 A Good Time Call Vivid 2002
Adam & Eve's House Party 2 VCA 1996
Ancient Asian Sex Secrets Vivid 1997
Ariana's Dirty Dancers 8 4-Play Video 1996
Art Lover Vivid 1999
Asian Pussyman Auditions 1 Snatch Productions 1996
Awakening Vivid 1999
Baby Blues Vivid 2001
Babylon Vivid 1999
Bad Girls 8: Prisoners of Love Vivid 1997
Best of the Vivid Girls 30 Vivid 2000
Bet Vivid 1999
Big Island Blues Vivid 1997
Blow Dry Vivid 1997
Blow Hard Vivid 2001
Chasin' Pink 3 Vivid 1998
Cheat Vivid 2000
China Vagina Vivid 2006
Complete Kobe Vivid 1999
Couples Vivid 1998
Deep Inside Lexus Vivid 2001
Dupe Vivid 2000
Executions on Butt Row Evil Angel 1996
Filters Vivid 1999
Frankencock Vivid 2007
Girls Only: Janine Vivid 2002
Glass Cage Vivid 1999
Haulin' Ass Vivid 2004
Haunted Vivid 2000
Hawaiian Blast Vivid 1998
Heart Breaker Vivid 2008
House Of Anal Vivid 2005
Incredible Expanding Vagina Vivid 2006
Jade Princess Vivid 1999
Jenna Loves Kobe Vivid 2003
Joey Silvera's Favorite Big Ass Asian All-stars Evil Angel 1998
King of the Load Vivid 2000
Kobe Loves Jenna Vivid 2003
Kobe's Tie Vivid 1998
Lethal Affairs Vivid 1996
Lexus: Up Close And Personal Vivid 2001
Lie Vivid 1998
Load Warrior Vivid 2003
Loads Of Peter North Vivid 1997
Lotus Vivid 1997
Love Hurts Vivid 2004
Miami Pink Vivid 2005
Mission Erotica Vivid 1997
Motel Blue Vivid 1998
Motel Sex Vivid 2000
Perfect Vivid 2003
Philmore Butts Taking Care Of Business Sunshine Films 1997
Private Triple X Files 8: Dungeon Private 1998
Raw 2 Vivid 1996
Satisfaction Guaranteed: Taylor Hayes Vivid 2005
Scenes From A Bar Vivid 1998
She Town Vivid 2000
Show 2 Vivid 1997
Show 3 Vivid 1998
Show And Tell Vivid 1996
Sitting Pretty Vivid 1998
Sky: Extreme Close Up Vivid 2001
Sleeping Booty Vivid 2001
Sleepover Vivid 1996
Star 69: Strap Ons Vivid 2008
Stardust 11 Vivid 1997
Stardust 12 Vivid 1998
Stardust 3 Vivid 1996
Stardust 4 Vivid 1997
Stardust 5 Vivid 1997
Stardust 8 Vivid 1996
Stranger Vivid 2002
Trapped Vivid 1997
Trashy (II) Vivid 1997
Wax On Whacks Off Adam & Eve 2006
Where the Boys Aren't 10 Vivid 1998
Where the Boys Aren't 11 Vivid 1998
Where the Boys Aren't 12 Vivid 2000
Where the Boys Aren't 13 Vivid 2000
White on Rice Vivid 2005
Workin' Overtime Vivid 2000
World Sex Tour 6 Anabolic Video 1996
Zone Vivid 1997

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