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Tawny Roberts
Tawny Roberts

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Born: 3/18/1979
Aliases: Tawni, Adrienne Almond, Tawny

Country of Origin: United States United States TX - Texas Dallas
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 32B-21-33
Shoe Size: 7

Tawny Roberts was born on March 18, 1979 as Adrienne Almond. Although this 5 foot 7 inch goddess was born in Utah she grew up in Texas and that gave Tawny Roberts her southern charm. But don't let her southern sweetness fool you, Tawny is a girl who loves to have a good time! Tawny Roberts says that her first movie was for Jill Kelly in late 2001 but I guess she forgot about the work she did for Metro, a low budget porn producer in late 2000, early 2001. The movies she did for Metro during that time were Wild Cherries, All Teens Love Cum, and All Fucked Up.

One thing you can say about Tawny Roberts is that she isn't afraid of hard work. Where as most porn stars just do 4-5 movies a year at best, Tawny will sometimes do as many as 10 a year and it seems her hard work paid off because it landed her an exclusive contract with Vivid Entertainment as an infamous Vivid Girl and she stayed under contract with them for about 2 years. It was during this time that she was filmed for a reality show that aired on Showtime about her work as an adult star. (Thanks

Tawny Roberts says she is a normal girl, like the girl next door and that being a famous porn star hasn't really changed her. This could be in part to her strict upbringing. Tawny grew up in a very traditional Mormon family. Her father was a Bishop, one of the key positions within the Mormon Church. A bishop is the leader of a local congregation (just like a minister or pastor). Oh yah, that makes Tawny Roberts a preacher's daughter! Guess that explains a whole lot! =)

So how did Tawny get started in making movies? Well apparently she was at the Key Club in Hollywood when she met Dayton Rains. The Key Club is nightclub on the Sunset Strip where to this day porn stars still hang out including Tawny's friend Mary Carey and sometimes Devon. It's a popular hangout and features various live local bands. Dayton and Tawny became friends and Dayton Rains told her about the ins and outs of the adult business. Dayton was a Vivid girl during this time so Tawny Roberts went to try and get a contract with Vivid herself, unfortunately Vivid was going through some changes during this time so they really weren't signing any new girls. This was the time when Vivid signed a big distribution deal with Larry Flint / Hustler.

Tawny Roberts however didn't let that discourage her. Instead she went out and found work on her own. After making some low budget movies for Metro and doing some modeling for adult magazines trying to make a name for herself, she called up Jill Kelly which she met one night while out partying with friends. Jill offered her some work in a few of her titles and on the side Tawny did some movies for other low-medium budget companies like Odyssey, Evil Angel and Digital Sin.

In about 2002 Tawny got her lucky break and got her first contract with a fairly decent company - VCA. Tawny's contract with VCA lasted about a year and as she looked back over the past few years she knew she wasn't going to get anywhere unless she could get on with the marketing power house, Vivid who has over the last 20 years made more girls famous than all other companies combined. Although Tawny's contract with VCA was for two years, they agreed to let her out of her contract.

Tawny Roberts went back to Vivid and showed them that she was worth their time and they agreed! Vivid signed Tawny Roberts for a two year contract which includes six movies a year. Tawny's first few movies with Vivid won her critical acclaim.

In addition to starring in several adult films, Tawny has been featured in FHM, Playboy and Revolver magazines and has an uncredited role in the 2003 feature film, Shade, starring Sylvester Stallone and Jamie Foxx, as a dancer in the club.Sure it wasn't a big role, but hey she got a part in a real mainstream movie! In 2003 she also did an episode of The Man Show and that same year she was hired to do an epside of what she thought was called Lap of Luxury but turned out to be The Joe Schmo Show. A reality series not unlike the bachelor. She played the roll of a high priced hooker.

It is interesting to note that unlike most porn stars of Tawny's fame, she has never done the Howard Sterns how. What makes this even more unusual is that in December of 2005, Howard stated that he thought Tawny was really hot. He later learned that Tawny once tried to get onto the show but wasn't allowed to come up from the lobby.

Tawny says that her hobbies are Snowboarding, traveling, wakeboarding and running. She's been active all her life. In high school she played basketball, volleyball and golf. After high school she went back to Utah for college where she studied Retail management which is what brought her to California. After graduation from their 2 year program Tawny moved to LA to work in a department store in their management training program. It was during this time that she met fellow porn star Dayton Rains and learned about the adult business. She soon quit her job at the department store and never looked back.

Tawny loves to travel and two of her favorite destinations are Las Vegas and Cancun. Most recently Tawny is said to have gone on an extended trip to both Africa and Australia with a man who she would later move to New York and have a child with, David.

Throughout most of 2005 and early 2006 Tawny was thought to be dating Mary Carey, who came to fame during the 2003 California recall election, as she was an independent candidate for governor. She was the porn star running for office.It was a huge deal in the news at the time. Their relationship was rocky and best and ended in 2006 when Tawny Roberts confornted Mary Carey about her boyfriend who was making sexual advances toward Tawny. Tawny eventually moved to New York with her boyfriend David and gave birth to her first child in mid December 2006. This was the same boyfriend who would later be seen ont he VH1 reality series Sober House as Mary Carey's boyfriend and hated by her fellow rehab friends. They all hated him. They thought he was a total sleeze.

For most of 2007 things have been quiet on the Tawny Roberts homefront. That was until the end of August when a mysterious message appeared on her MySpace page, which my sources say is run by a company she has contracted to keep up with her personal website, so keep in mind when it says things like LOVE TAWNY it really isn't Tawny directly, but instead a person paid by Tawny to represent her internet interests. Anywho, the message was about her ex boyfriend / former lawyer. It seems he's not to happy about Tawny Roberst making a new life with the father of her child and trying to be happy.

This message is to inform you all that my former/boyfriend/manager/lawyer is setting up fake webpages about me. This is my real site and I am in contact with MySpace to delete all bogus sites. I will be posting some new private content soon ....

If you remember, this is the same guy who previously was helping Tawny setup her own company (Tawny mobile porn services kind of thing) and ended up not paying any of the models and as a direct result, caused serious friction between long time friend Devon. MySpace seems to have deleted the other fake pages,and no other news of this ex boyfriend have surfaced.

tawny roberts biography

A dedicated fan of Tawny (Hi Derek!!), wrote to me recently to let me know that I missed some valuable biographical data about Miss Tawny. It seems that on September 14, 2007 Tawny apepared on the Alan Colmes radio show in NYC, where Tawny now calls home. The show promoted Tawny's return from retirement hinting that Tawny would come back to making movies but in fact that is not the case. Tawny said very clearly that should had no desire to return to making movies but that she would be doing some live Internet talks sometime in the future, as per her agreement with the company running her official site. Tawny appeared on the show with her boyfriend David, who she had a child with in December of 2006. The two seemed really happy together.

Tawny Roberts discussed her concern with people packaging and reselling products years after they were made. She cited Where The Boys Aren't 18 as an example, that was made in late 2005 but not released until early 2007. Tawny Roberts doesn't seem to realize that it's not unusual for a movie to be in post production for a year or so. In fact, it is more common than not, for Vivid to film a movie, and then prepare it with editing, etc. over the next 8 to 18 months before it gets released. Our reps at Vivid tell us that he's been in the business more than 20 years and he can't think of one example of a Vivid movie that was rushed to release (which is in less than 8 months from production). He says ... that just isn't how things are done.

In the interview Tawny Roberts talked extensively about being in the business and how she seen it as a mistake and something she wishes she would have never done. Tawny also talked about her exes ... she felt that her Rick Patrick used her (which is very true) and that she and Mary Carey were never really lovers, despite all the evidence to the contrary. Mary Carey by all accounts was deeply in love with her but Tawny Roberts now seems to recall the relationship more as close friends, sister like and not as lesbian lovers.

On a good note, Tawny Roberts says she's got a new life out of the business and that she's really happy. Not much is really known about this David guy she is with but by all accounts he's very good for her. He treats her good, takes care of her and most importantly, keeps her out of trouble.

On an interesting side note, when Tawny Roberts signed with Vivid she was dating Rick Patrick and for awhile would only perform in boy / girl scenes with him. Years later they would break up and he would go on to marry the now very famous Jesse Jane. What I find most interesting about this is how much Jesse Jane looks like Tawny Roberts.


Tawny Roberts Interview

For someone so young, you've already had an amazing life. Someone could fill an entire book with just your sexual exploits and conquests. Let's start with the beginning ... let your fans get to know a little biographical information about you.

My name is Tawny Roberts. I was born in Utah but moved to Texas when I was very young so really I'm from Texas ... Dallas.

Are you close with your family, did you have a pretty normal life as a child?

You know that's funny you ask that, because I was just talking to a friend about it. People tend to think that if you are in the porn industry you aren't normal, you know? But truth is, I'm a normal girl. Growing up I had a very religious family. My dad was a Bishop for the Mormon church. I even believe in God and know he is going to accept me no matter what.

When you are making a movie, do you really get into the sex or is it all just for show?

I enjoy sex more in film just because it's longer and I don't know .. it's more intense and you get to be rough with each other. It's good. It's exciting. I like the excitement of being watched having sex. It turns me on even more and makes the sex just that much better.

Do you prefer men or women?

I really don't prefer one over the other. I guess it just depends on the mood I am in. I had a girlfriend for many years and right now I have a boyfriend. I guess I just don't really want to pick one over the other.

So you really do like having sex with women? I heard that some girls only do it because they have to.

Oh no! Not me. I love everything about it. If I didn't, I wouldn't be in this business. There is something about strap ons and girls that I like. I like it when a girl fucks me with a strap on. That's so hot. You have no idea how much that drives me crazy.

You've done so much, surely you have some sort of fantasy?

I like to be taken control of. I guess that's my ultimate fantasy.

You were in a movie in 2006 with Janine and Rocco Siffredi. He was a really popular male actor in the 1990's but recently has come under fire as being to nasty by the fans and the girls he works with often complain that he is to rough with them. I heard you gave him a black eye for being to rough with you. Rocco Siffredi said that he didn't know the reason you gave him a black eye but that it wasn't that big of a deal. The scene you two were doing was well written but not being performed right because you were drunk and couldn't perform. He went on to say that he regrets doing the movie and that the movie probably won't turn out that good. Turns out he was wrong. It won several industry awards and continues to top the sales charts. Janine has went on record as saying he is a jerk and had no right to be as rough with you as he was. She even went as far as refusing to perform with him again. (You go Janine!!) What's your take on the whole ordeal?

I'm a pornstar. I get paid to show up and have sex on film. I try and be as professional as possible and you don't hear complaints by directors for a reason ... because I do the job I'm paid to do. It's also the reason people keep hiring me to do these movies. If I was half as unprofessional as he made me out to be, nobody would ever want to work with me and that's far from the case. However it should be noted that more and more companies have him on the do not call list. I guess that speaks volumes about the situation.

Thank you for being so open and honest with us. You really could have laid into him but you took the high road. That's very classy and yet just another reason why we love you! Now let's talk about something else. I heard you live in New York. Most pornstars seem to be from LA. What's the deal with that?

I've lived in a lot of places. I tend to move around more than I probably should. I've lived in San Diego, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles but now I live in New York. I started dating my boyfriend in early 2006. I had just broken things off with my girlfriend at the time, Mary Carey. She was involved in a really unhealthy and abusive relationship with another man and when he hit on me and I told her about it, Mary freaked and things between us where never the same. At the time I was also dating this lawyer and a business deal we were working on fell through. I really just needed to get away and this guy I knew was taking me on a trip to Africa and we got really close and I ended up moving in with him in New York. I had my car shipped out here and even got New York plates for my car.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into this industry?

Have morals and stand by them. Don't compromise your ethics for a quick buck. If you know something isn't right, then stand up for yourself. Also, be a good friend. The girlfriends you make in the industry will be there for you when you really need them.

In closing, I want to give you the opportunity to clear up those rumors about you being a wild party girl. Rocco Siffredi says you show up on set drunk. Mary Carey has called you out publically on how much you drink and even said you were drinking when you were as far along as 7 months pregnant. Is there any truth of any of this?

People say a lot of things when they are hurt or want attention, but it doesn't make them true. It is true, a lot of girls in the industry do get heavy into drunks and that kind of thing but that's not for me. There was a Vivid girl who I won't name but she had a bad drug problem and the people at Vivid got her help. I think seeing all she was going through when I first started with Vivid really helped to keep me clean and away from that kind of mess. Yes, I do drink but I don't show up at work drunk and unable to work. That's horrible rude for someone to even suggest such a thing. Do I drink when working? Yes. But so do a lot of people. In the adult industry it is not uncommon to provide drinks on the set to help loosen up the performers. In my personal life, I go out like anyone else. I was going out more than I probably should have, when I was with Mary Carey but that's not really me now. I was living the Mary Carey lifestyle and yes that included going out to much and drinking to much. I'm happy with who I am now. I don't live the wild and crazy life I did a year or two ago but I'm not the same person I was then either.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I don't regret anything. All the things you do in your life, the good and the bad make you who you are and this is who I am. I am Tawny Roberts. Love it or leave it. I am who I am.

Tawny Roberts Complete Filmography:

100% Blowjobs 30 Jill Kelly Productions 2004
100% Jill Jill Kelly Productions 2001
18 And Nasty 25 Devil's Film 2001
Adult Video News Awards 2004 Hustler Video 2004
Adventures of Be the Mask 1 Metro 2004
Adventures of Be the Mask 3 Metro 2005
Agent Vivid 2004
All At Once Jill Kelly Productions 2003
All Fucked Up Amazing 2002
All Teens Love Cum 1 Metro 2001
Amateur Angels 2 Fallen Angel 2001
Anal Madness 2 Rosebud 2001
And The Envelope Please Tawny Roberts Vivid 2005
Barefoot Confidential 16 Kick Ass Pictures 2001
Barely Legal 18 Hustler Video 2001
Barely Legal All Stars 1 Hustler Video 2004
Barely Used 2 Elegant Angel 2001
Behind The Scenes 13 Odyssey 2002
Blondes In Bondage Bon Vue Enterprises 2008
Centerfold Secrets Vivid 2005
Civilian Sex Vivid 2004
Club Lil Jon Vivid 2011
Cotton Panties Half Off Vivid 2005
Cum Shot Starlets Odyssey 2002
Cum Snatchers 2 Wildlife 2006
Cumming Home Metro 2002
Dance Party Vivid 2005
Dirty Newcummers 9 Wildlife 2001
Double O Blonde VCA 2002
Droppin' Loads 1 Wildlife 2003
Dual Identity Vivid 2003
Emperor Vivid 2006
Faraway Vivid 2004
Five Tales of Sin Amazing 2003
Frankencock Vivid 2007
Fusxion Fantasies 2 Metro 2007
Glamazon Vivid 2005
Gonzo The Feature VCA 2003
Groupie Vivid 2005
Grrl Power 9 Kick Ass Pictures 2001
Heaven Sent Legend Video 2001
High Desert Dream Girls VCA 2002
Hot Showers 3 Hustler Video 2002
House Of Anal Vivid 2005
Housekeeper Vivid 2004
Immortal Jill Kelly Productions 2001
Innocent Young Sluts 4 Temptation Entertainment 2002
Internal Affairs 5 Fallen Angel 2002
Internal Pop Shots Adam & Eve 2005
Janine's Got Male Vivid 2005
Jenna Loves Justin Club Jenna 2006
Juvenescence Vivid 2005
Kayden's First Time Vivid 2007
Kick Ass Chicks 50: Nerdy Girls Kick Ass Pictures 2008
Last Girl Standing Vivid 2004
Lick Clique Vivid 2005
Lipstick Lesbians 3 Metro 2005
Little Town Flirts VCA 2002
Lust Will And Testament VCA 2003
Matrix Pornstars Matrix Content 2004
Melted Pink VCA 2002
Mondo Porno VCA 2002
Money Shots Adam & Eve 2002
Most Beautiful Girl In The World Vivid 2003
Myne Tease 2 Fusxion 2004
Nasty Newcummers 19 Metro 2001
New Wave Hookers 7 VCA 2003
Nineteen Video Magazine 44 Dane Productions 2001
Nineteen Video Magazine 50 Dane Productions 2002
No Exit VCA 2002
No Man's Land 35 Video Team 2001
No Man's Land: Girls in Love Metro 2008
North Pole 26 New Sensations 2001
Ozporns VCA 2002
Ozporns Go To Hell VCA 2003
Party Mouth Vivid 2006
Photogenic Adam & Eve 2001
Pickup Lines 68 Odyssey 2001
Please Cum Inside Me 10 Evil Angel 2002
Pretty Mess Vivid 2005
Rack 'em Up VCA 2006
Real Naturals 15 4-Play Video 2001
Real Sex Magazine 44 New Sensations 2001
Rude Girls 5 New Sensations 2002
Runaway Sluts Exposed 1 Devil's Film 2001
Scene Study Vivid 2004
Service Animals 5 Evil Angel 2001
Sextet Vivid 2004
Sleaze Show VCA 2002
Slit Happens Vivid 2008
Sopornos 4 VCA 2003
Specs Appeal 4 Kick Ass Pictures 2002
Spunk Drunk VCA 2004
Star 69: Strap Ons Vivid 2008
Summer Camp Sun Bunnies VCA 2003
Tachophobia Excellence 2001
Tawny Roberts Exposed New Machine Publishing 2004
Thrills 1 Vivid 2002
Thrills 2 Vivid 2003
Tight and Fresh 1 Adam & Eve 2005
Top Ten Hottest Women Jill Kelly Productions 2005
United Colors Of Ass 9 Video Team 2001
Unlovable Vivid 2004
Up And Cummers 101 Evil Angel 2002
Virgin Patrol 1 Metro 2005
Voyeur 21 Evil Angel 2002
Wet And Wild In Lake Havasu Heatwave 2001
What Girls Do 1 Greywood Entertainment 2001
When The Boyz Are Away The Girlz Will Play 5 Jill Kelly Productions 2001
Where the Boys Aren't 18 Vivid 2007
Where the Boys Aren't 19 Vivid 2008
Wild Cherries 1 Metro 2000
Wild On X 1 Metro 2004
Wild On X 2 Metro 2004

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