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Born: 12/14/1962
Aliases: Ginger, Ginger Allen, Ginger Lynn Allen, Ginger Lynne

Born: Ginger Lynn Allen December 14, 1962 (1962-12-14)
Rockford, Illinois, U.S.
Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight: 110 lb (50 kg)
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond

Ginger Lynn (born Ginger Lynn Allen; December 14, 1962) is an American pornographic actress, prominent in 1980s videos. She also had occasional roles in low budget B-movies. AVN has ranked her at #7 in a list of the 50 greatest porn stars of all time. After ending her adult-entertainment career, she began using her full name of Ginger Lynn Allen and found work in a variety of B-movies. She had a late career comeback to the adult industry and made a brief series of movies. During this two-year period she toured the country doing interviews for radio shows and appearances at adult-entertainment stores.

Ginger Lynn Allen moved to California in 1982 after hearing about her grandfather's heart attack. Following her grandfather's death, a male friend came to live with her and became her "first nice boyfriend". Allen was the major financial supporter in the relationship and needed to find a higher-paying job. When she answered an advertisement from the World Modeling Agency in September 1983, she was immediately hired and did a spread for Penthouse. This made her visible to the adult film industry.

Allen did some nude modeling work and then began performing in sex movies as Ginger Lynn in December 1983. Her first role was in Surrender in Paradise, where she starred with Jerry Butler and celebrated her 21st birthday in Hawaii. Allen quickly rose in popularity, and eventually became one of the biggest stars in adult-entertainment history, making 69 hardcore movies. She had her own line of videos through Vivid Entertainment with director Bruce Seven. Allen received the Best New Starlet award in 1985 from the Adult Video News and is an inductee to the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and Adult Video News (AVN) Halls of Fame. Career highlights include her performance as the neighbor who introduces Tom Byron to sex in Kinky Business and her work in Slumber Party with Eric Edwards.

Her look during the height of her porn career (19841986) was loosely modeled after pop singer Madonna. Part of her early popularity stems from her common performances of anal sex and double penetration. In the early-1980s adult film market, these acts were relatively rare, especially among big-name porn performers. She also regularly performed at least one lesbian scene per film, which made her popular among fans. Allen's work was also distinguished by explicit and inventive "dirty talking" during her performances. She was the first Vivid Entertainment Vivid Girl, beating out the then-underaged Traci Lords. She was later called to testify on Lords' behalf against porn producers; she refused, and according to her, she was then targeted by the Internal Revenue Service for falsification of a tax return. Allen had at least six scenes with porn legend John Holmes early in her career.

In February 1986, Allen decided to stop making adult films and attempt to establish a career in mainstream films using her full name. Allen appeared in several non-adult films, television shows and even interactive movie segments of the Wing Commander computer games. She was trying to build a career in mainstream features with a small part in the western Young Guns II, which costarred Charlie Sheen's brother Emilio Estevez.

Allen returned to adult films in 1999 for three movies: Torn (1999), White Lightning (2000) and New Wave Hookers 6 (2000). In December 2005, Ginger Lynn appeared in American Pie: Band Camp (2005) playing the supporting role of Nurse Sanders. In March 2006, she became a host of Playboy Radio's Sirius Satellite Radio show, Night Calls Radio, with former adult film actress Christy Canyon. In June 2007, Allen performed for two of's hardcore websites, Ultimate Surrender and Sex and Submission. In 2008, Allen appeared in the films Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers with James Deen (24 years younger than Allen) and Seasoned Players 4 with Tom Byron, then performed in more than a dozen hardcore releases in each of the next two years.

Lynn had a long term relationship with Los Angeles radio personality Ralph Garman.

She had a two-year relationship with actor Charlie Sheen from 1990 to 1992, including accompanying him through drug rehabilitation. Lynn met Sheen in early 1990 on the set of Young Guns II, after she had left adult movies five years prior. In 1991, Lynn was convicted in a federal tax-evasion case which she ended up serving 4 1/2 months in prison. Charlie Sheen and Martin Sheen wrote letters to the court in support of Allen during her trial. She also spent time in a rehabilitation center during this period because of cocaine abuse. Lynn and Sheen's relationship continued until Sheen was called upon to testify in the Heidi Fleiss trial. Although their relationship was not monogamous, the revelation that he had been with prostitutes was the start of the end of their relationship.

In a 2003 interview she described herself as the "single mother of a five-year-old son."

Despite the well-known allegations that Sheen is physically violent towards women, Lynn never saw the actor become abusive in the slightest, "Not one time did he raise his voice. No violence" she said.

Allen was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2000. She underwent a total hysterectomy and some chemotherapy, and is regarded as cancer-free.


Ginger Lynn Interview

Ginger LynnGinger Lynn (born December 14, 1962) is an American pornographic actress, prominent in 1980s adult videos. She also had occasional roles in low budget B-movies. AVN has ranked her at #7 in a list of the 50 greatest pornstars of all time. After ending her porn career, she began using her full name of Ginger Lynn Allen and found work in a variety of B-movies. She had a late career comeback to the porn industry and made a brief series of movies. During this two-year period she toured the country doing interviews for radio shows and appearances at adult-entertainment stores.

Ginger, it is great to have you on How are you doing today? I'm fabulous, thank you.

You are quite the legend in the industry. What do you consider your biggest accomplishments? I'd have to say as far as my greatest accomplishment within the adult film industry...the fact that I've been active in one way or another for over two decades and still have a fantastic following is extremely humbling and quite an achievement. Also, I wouldn't be honest if I didn't say that taking on John Holmes a half a dozen times wasn't a feat in itself.

Do you know if there is an adult film Hall of Fame? Who would you pick as the first inductees? I'm quite sure there is, however I'm not sure where. I do have my hand prints in cement in front of the Hollywood Hustler Store along with some of the adult greats. I'd like to induct: Charlie Sheen, George Clooney and Billy Idol. All three of these men have gone above and beyond the call of booty.

We recently interviewed Teri Weigel. Have you ever worked with or met her? If so, what do you think of her?
I've known Teri for a few years, and I absolutely love her. We worked together a couple of years ago on Jewel DeNyle's last movie. Teri is terrific.

Can you tell us about Christy Canyon and your radio show with her? Christy and I have known each other since nearly the start of both of our careers. I was the first woman she ever had sex with. Lucky me! We've been hosting a wacky and wild radio show for Playboy on Sirius 198 since March of 2006. The show is called Nightcalls. It's naughty and nice and we definitely push the show to the legal limits.

So how do you ladies stay so sexy? Last time I saw Christy, she looked fantastic. $P#%M keeps a girl happy and healthy.

Well, you must be very happy and healthy! We've got to say that we loved you in your Metallica video. In all honesty, that is one of my favorite videos of all time. What do you think of the video? Being a part of the Metallica video “Turn the Page was one of the most exciting experiences of my mainstream career. The video is definitely disturbing, yet its honesty and integrity are honorable. The director, Jonas Akerlund was a dream to work with. Unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to meet the band.

Is there any message that the group or director was trying to get across? I think Jonas was trying to get across the point that at some point in all of our lives we are all whores. We do what we have to to survive.

We recently shot a video. Can you tell us what you think of it? We are brand new to the video business. Great stuff. The video had me wiggling and squirming. Good luck in all of your future endeavors, and if you need a MILF for a future project please let me know.

We do. We'll call! By the way, weren't you also in the Devil's Rejects? I f'n love that movie! Can you tell us what it was like working on that project? I'm a lucky girl. Rob Zombie is one of best directors I've ever worked with. I'm personally not a big fan of scary movies (the make me pee my panties), so I haven't actually seen the film, but I've heard it's amazing and that my scene with Captain Spaulding is unforgettable.

You probably have some amazing stories. You've been in quite a few movies, you have a radio show, and you are extremely popular. Can you tell us about one of the interesting scenarios that you have been involved in? I’d love to, but you’re going to have to wait for my book which is tentatively titled “I Did It, I Like It'sSo What's. It should be out in the fall of 2007,

Can you take a moment and check out Tell us what you think of the site. I LOVE!!!

Is there anything you would like to say to our fans? We've had over a million visitors since our inception, so I am sure that plenty of people will read this. My motto is If it feels good, and you're not hurting anyone'do it!

So what do you think of the adult film industry? Is it exploitative towards women or men? I don't necessarily believe any industry can exploit any one person who chooses to be involved in it. A person who chooses to be in the adult film industry can only allow themselves to be exploited. Man or woman. If you don't like it, don't do it.

I've heard some people address a concern of STDs in the industry. Is there a reason for concern? What do you think of condom use in adult films? Anyone who is sexually active in today's society needs to be concerned. Don't be silly cover that willy! We all have the choice to use or not use a condom. Unfortunately, sometimes when you play you pay.

HPV has been a hot topic lately. Is that something that should worry new stars? I'm no longer active in the adult film industry in front of the camera. I'm not sure what HPV is. I've seen commercials, but I'm not up to date on the subject.

On a different topic, do you think prostitution should be legalized? Absolutely!

Ginger Lynn Complete Filmography:

2000 AVN Awards VCA 2000
2004 AVN Awards Hustler 2004
A Coming of Angels - The Sequel Caballero
A Taste Of Ginger Caballero
All the Best - Barbara Dare Vivid 1988
Arrow's 80's Ladies 2 Arrow/AFV
Ass Fucking In the 80's Gourmet/GVC
Back to Class 1 Dreamland 1987
Backdoor Bonanza 11 Wet Video
Backdoor Bonanza 12 Wet Video 1989
Backdoor Bonanza 9 Wet Video 1989
Backdoor Summer Paradise Video 1988
Backdoor Summer 2 Paradise Video 1989
Ball Busters Cal Vista 1985
Beat Goes On VCR Productions
Best of Blondes VCR Productions 1987
Best of Dark Brothers Wet Video
Best of Dark Brothers 2 Wet Video 2002
Best of Ginger Lynn 1 Wet Video 1998
Best of Ron Jeremy Wet Video 1990
Best of Talk Dirty 1 Dreamland
Best of X-Plicit 12 Fat Dog
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Beverly Hill's Cox Caballero
Big Loves 4 3rd Degree 2008
Billionaire Girls Club K-Beech
Black Erotica 4 Vidco
Blame it on Ginger Vivid 1986
Boundaries 6 Triangle Films 2008
Boy Meats Girl Evolution Erotica 2008
Bun Busters LBO Entertainment
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Can You be a Pornstar 1 and 2 Hustler 2004
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Can You be a Pornstar 7 and 8 Hustler 2005
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Charlie's Party Girls Smash Pictures 2011
Charlie's Porn Family Reality Junkies 2011
Closed Eyes and Open Thighs LBO Entertainment 1989
Club Ginger Vivid 1986
Cock Sucking Summer Hollywood
Collection Video 5 Caballero 1984
Collection Video 7 Caballero
Coming of Angels 2 Caballero 1985
Command Performance Dreamland
Cougar Club 2 3rd Degree 2008
Cougar Lesbians Smash Pictures 2010
Cougars Crave Young Kittens 3 Lethal Hardcore 2010
Crimes and Passion VCA 2002
Cum Shot Revue 2 Hollywood
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Deep Inside Chloe VCA 2001
Deep Inside Ginger Lynn VCA 2003
Devil in Mr. Holmes Paradise Video
Devon Stripped Digital Playground 2002
Dirtiest of Dare Vivid 2005
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Doctor Ginger is Pretty as You Feel VCX 1984
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