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Born: 3/24/1969
Aliases: Kim Halsey

Country of Origin: Norway
Born: California Long Beach
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 55 kg - 121 lbs
Measurements: 36DD-24-35
Shoe Size: 8
Tattoos: Lower back
Fan Club Address: Houston 11024 Balboa Boulevard #297 Granada Hills, CA 91344 U.S.A.

Popular pornstar Houston, most famous for her Houston 500 gangbang where she fucked 620 guys in the course of one day, was born in Long Beach, California in 1969. She also has a twin and was raised in Norway.

Houston was discovered at an older age than most pornstars and began her adult career in 1995 at age 26. Houston had been dancing and oil wrestling at the Tropicana strip club in Hollywood when porn director Peter Davy approached her, reportedly because she bears a striking resemblance to actress Bo Derek, and asked her to perform in one of his movies. Houston jumped at the chance and soon became a contract performer for Nitro before leaving to join Metro Global Media.

In 1999 Houston made a huge splash with her 'Houston 500' gangbang movie with Metro where she had sex with over 620 men, without interruption, earning the title of the worlds biggest gangbang (a title since broken and now held by fellow pornstar Lisa Sparxxx).

It was also during that year that Houston appeared on the Howard Stern Show to publicize the fact that she was having her labia surgically trimmed for a more aesthetically appealing look during close-up video scenes. After the surgery Houston was reported to have sold her labia scraps for an estimated $10,000!

Houston was frequently a guest on The Howard Stern Show, appearing more than 50 times, and she gained even more notoriety during one show broadcast in 1999 when an 18-year old high school student called in and asked for Howard Stern's help in taking Houston to his senior prom. Surprisingly Houston agreed and attended his June prom held in New York even though some school administrators and parents disapproved. Even more surprisingly as a result of the prom date, Houston began a relationship with the student and he ended up moving to California to be with her. This relationship subsequently ended amicably.

As well as a huge talent in the porn industry, Houston dabbled in a music career in 2000 when she appeared on VH-1's documentary 'Porn to Rock.' As a result of her appearance she won some cameo roles in various rock videos and even released her own single, "What Do You Want From Me?" in late 2003 resulting in a musical performance at the famous House of Blues in Los Angeles.

Houston continued to perform in pornographic movies until 2005 when she retired from the xxx skin biz after starring in almost 70 movies in through the span of her adult career.

Tragedy struck Houston in June 2008 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic melanoma, a very aggressive form of cancer that is usually terminal. Houston had surgery in LA in July 2008 and has since been fighting her cancer with the drug Interferon. She began a brand new website and blog called Help Houston Fight where fans can stay up to date on her progress as well as donate funds if they wish. The last entry on this blog states that Houston will be attending a medical college course between November 2009 and July 2010, illustrating her positive character and strong determination when faced with a life-changing illness.

On camera and away from the sex studios Houston has earned the respect of many porn fans and it seems to only be a matter of time before Houston is able to get over the hump and go from being a frequent nominee to a true hall of fame pornstar enshrined here on the official porn hall of fame website!


Houston Battling Cancer


Ex-Porn Star Houston

Houston is most famous for her adult film appearances including two large gangbang videos produced in the late 90′s. She left the adult business around 2003 and recently was diagnosed with melanoma. She is also a born-again Christian and is a member of the XXX Church, a religious organization that helps former adult performers and porn addicts. Here is Houstonís story in her own words:

My story, upbringing and the problems I experienced are far too common. A family history of alcoholism and abuse and a personal history of alcoholism and drug abuse rarely lead to good things. You can walk into any strip club or porn set in the world and will find that 99% of the women have the same back story. Through hard work, bad luck and a lot of pain I was able to take porn to a whole new level. I achieved national and international success and experienced people, places and things most people only dream of.

Unfortunately, those incredible highs have also been offset by horrible lows, from medical drama to addiction, divorce, kids teasing my child and now cancer.

The world of porn is one that thrives on numbness typically created by drugs and alcohol. The more numb you are, the more you are willing to do. The more drunk and high you are, the crazier things you do and the more you get paid. Itís a vicious cycle. Case in point, I had sex with 620 guys in a single day. The event was a successful publicity stunt that won me an award for best selling video of all time. That, along with the other movies and crazy stuff I did catapulted me to the top of the adult world. I was so deep into porn that I just took the ball and ran with it, doing more and more outrageous things.

I was a single parent living in LA, supporting my daughter by doing bachelor parties, bikini contests and mud wrestling. At the same time I was also getting into mainstream acting, but not making it big fast enough. I was introduced to a porn agent and asked if Iíd like to be in a porn video, they paid very well and I thought I had nothing to lose. That week the producer called me and asked me if I would like to be an exclusive contract girl for their company. They would pay me $10,000 a month for several films. I was so broke and struggling that there was no question in my mind. I didnít think of anything but the fame and money, not God, disease, my family or anything.

By 2002, I was still living in LA. I had bought a home in the San Fernando Valley, I was a featured stripper for 32 weeks a year all over the world. I was surviving on methamphetamines to keep going and was a complete mess. I was still doing porn and basically killing myself. I had a nanny for my daughter who would take care of us both, I donít know how she did it. She said she prayed for me all of the time.

By now ten years had gone by and I had become one of the biggest porn stars in the history of the adult industry. I was an empty shell full of hate and sadness and I felt totally alone. I contemplated suicide often and all the money in the world couldnít make me feel happy or whole. By that time in my life I had by then been brought to my knees on several occasions, praying to God to not let me die this time. My heart would beat so fast that I know a couple times God stepped in and saved me.

I had enough and I knew couldnít die and leave my daughter. I decided to sell the house and move as far away as I could afford from my druggie friends and porn. I retired after 10 years, having been inducted into the porn hall of fame. I thought ďmy daughter and I can move to Vegas and start a new life,Ē and thatís what we did. I couldnít handle the fans and the people all over; I knew I would eventually overdose if I stayed in LA.

Later, I got my real estate license and was working for a home builder. I had been working for them for a couple of years, trying not to wear a lot of makeup, dying my hair brown and even gaining some weight as to not get recognized. In April 2008, I was fired on the spot. Someone in the corporate office recognized me. I was devastated, I worked so hard and was a great sales person. They said they just couldnít have me on the front lines, even if that career was in the past.
Recent photo of Houston

That same month, I was diagnosed with stage III Melanoma Cancer. I was in complete shock, I never had a growth removed or any kind of skin issues. It was in my lymphatic system. In July, I had extensive surgery to remove several lymph nodes in both my right and left arm. I recovered for a month and then in August I was put on a drug [a form of chemo] for an entire month, intravenously, everyday. I now give myself injections at home three times a week for the remaining 11 months. Itís a year of treatment and the percentages of survival are not goodÖ but my attitude is. Everyday I put on my armor when I get up. I will beat this demon, I have beat worse. I know that I am special and God is going to use me to help others. God has something for me that I canít even imagine.

My story is one of hope, that people can change, that women and men in porn have a choice and they donít have to be violated or exploit themselves in order to feel accepted and loved. There are people to help and love them unconditionally, to show them God is love. I am growing in God everyday and will continue to learn and grow in the church. I cannot change the past, but the past does not make my future. Everyone needs to know God is a loving God and He will love you.

I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and vowed to never be a part of the world that I had lived in before. I have asked for forgiveness and know that I am worthy. My daughter has been attending a new church for 7 months and I started going about 4 months ago. Itís a wonderful church and we love it. I found out about XXXChurch there and wanted to get involved from the minute I found out about what they were doing. I want to help these girls see that they donít have to go that routeÖand if I can do it, so can they.

Houston Complete Filmography:

Adult Video News Awards 1996 VCA 1996
Airtight 2 Metro 1998
America The Beautiful Metro 2002
Angels in Flight Nitro Productions 1995
Babes Illustrated 9 Metro 2000
Backseat Driver 5 Metro 1998
Bald Beaver Blast VCA 2005
Blondes Blowin' and Ballin' Knob/Ryder Entertainment 2000
Blowjob Fantasies 11 Metro 2000
Blowjob Fantasies 9 Metro 1999
Bottom Line Nitro Productions 1995
Buried Alive Bukkake Metro 1999
Carnal Invasions Nitro Productions 1996
Carnival Of Flesh Nitro Productions 1996
Clam Jumpers Taboo 2001
Cooking With Porn Stars Eclectic 2002
DD Adventures of the 7 Year Bitch Taylor Wane 2005
Deep Inside Kylie Ireland VCA 1999
Desert Cafe Nitro Productions 1996
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 28 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 30 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Dream Lust Nitro Productions 1995
Eager Beavers 3 Metro 2001
Fade To Blue VCA 1998
Flesh Peddlers 2 Amazing 1998
Flesh Peddlers 9 Amazing 2001
Fluff Girls of the Houston 500 Amazing 1999
Fluffy Cumsalot, Porn Star United Nathan 2002
Gang Bang Fluffers Metro 1999
Gazongas Galore 2 Nitro Productions 1997
Get Lucky Nitro Productions 1996
Hand Job Hunnies 2 Metro 2000
Hollywood Legs Nitro Productions 1996
Hostile Takeover London Video/Lyndon Distributors 1998
Hot House Tales Metro 1999
Houston's Big Boob Brigade Amazing 2001
I Love You Suck My Dick 2 Sterling 1998
Jasmin's Last Gang Bang Cream Entertainment 1998
Laid Back Nitro Productions 1995
Las Vegas Revue '97 GM Video 1997
Lisa Sin City 1997
Many Happy Returns Nitro Productions 1995
Mike South's Georgia Peaches 1 Elegant Angel 1997
Misty Cam's Starlet Express Gonzo Video 1999
More Than A Handful 11 Metro 2002
Mysteria Nitro Productions 1995
Nympho Files Nitro Productions 1995
Promises And Lies Nitro Productions 1997
Pussy Foot'n 5 New Sensations 2003
Reflections Of Lust Metro 1999
Russian Roulette Nitro Productions 1995
Sorority Sex Kittens 3 VCA 1996
Stop My Ass is On Fire 3 Metro 1999
Stop My Ass is On Fire 5 Metro 2000
Sweet As Honey Nitro Productions 1996
Sweet Surrender Heatwave 2000
Taste of Torment Nitro Productions 1995
Texas Crude Nitro Productions 1995
Titman's Pool Party 1 Gonzo Video 1999
Triple X 12 Private 1996
Twist of the Heart Nitro Productions 1995
Ultimate Sensations Nitro Productions 1997
Under Dressed Metro 1999
Who Shot Jerry? Brat Pack 1998
Wind Song Cream Entertainment 1998
World's Biggest Bang Off Cream Entertainment 1998
World's Biggest Gang Bang 3: Houston 620 Metro 1999

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