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Eva Angelina
Eva Angelina

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Born: 3/14/1985
Aliases: Eva Evangelina, Angelina Del Mar, Ava

Birth Name: Angelina Del Mar
Ethnicity: Latino
Country of Origin: United States CA - California
Place of Birth: Orange County
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 54 kg - 119 lbs
Measurements: 36D-26-34
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Start: 2003
Shoe Size: 6.5
Tattoos: Heart brand on her left breast; writing on the right side of her torso and left wrist; lower back; flowering design on right ankle

Eva Angelina was born on the 14th of March 1985 in the Orange County, California. She is of Chinese, Irish, English and Cuban descent and attended Foothill High School (under her real name, Angelina Del Mar) in Pleasanton (frequently named as being in Tustin), California. After school she worked as an assistant accountant at a mortgage company when at the age of 18 years and three months old she entered the adult industry. Her debut year in porn included appearances for production companies such as New Senstations in their 'College Invasion' franchise (with Eva Appearing in both numbers 2 and 3 in 2003, and number 4 in 2004) and Platinum X (Teens Revealed 3), she also worked with the famed porn actor TTBoy in Asian Street Hookers 36. Since then she has appeared in approximately 142 video titles and countless scenes for internet sites and magazines under stage names such as Eva Angelica, Ava Angelina and simply Angelina. These videos have included work with famed production companies such as Vivid, Evil Angel, Red Light District, Zero Tolerance and DVSX while her magazine appearances have been with publications such as Hustler, Fox (of which the late Anna Malle was an editor for six years) and Genesis among others. All of this publicity has lead to her becoming one of the most popular fresh faces on the adult scene today, being one of the most popular teen actresses of the past couple of years. It is undoubted that her popularity will cross over to her new movies as she has passed out of the teen bracket and is proceeding with her career, despite some setbacks along the way.
Angelina was married to pornographic actor Danny Mountain and has a daughter with him.

From Her Official Site (2011):
I am a 24 year old girl who just happens to get filmed having sex with porn stars all over the world. I try to live a simple, flexible life with as much freedom this society might allow me to have. I do things that help me enjoy the world I lives in…

Growing up In Orange County, California. I spent the first two years of my life in Madrid, Spain. When I was eight years old my dad was hired by the Swiss military to build airplanes for the country. I spent two years there and really enjoyed myrself. I would really like to go back and experience the country now as an adult.

I returned back to Orange County where I spent the rest of my teenage years. If you were to ask any of my friends about what kind of teenager I was, they would most likely say one of two things….”I’m not surprised she shoots porn now.” or “She is exactly the same girl she was 10 years ago”. I knew how to party and how to have a great time with friends. While being the first to be sexually expressive amongst the crowd, “I was the one who broke the ice when it came to fucking. I loved filming my sex adventures and exploring with many men. Sometimes more than one at a time if you know what I mean. It was inevitable when I turned 18 to shoot porn.” about my early days in the industry.

This site is Still my online home. Check out my Videos and pictures “I hope my fans take the time to get to know me by viewing my incredible intense (and fun!!) sex videos as well as reading my blog. I’m very, very excited about this project and I hope you will enjoy it!”


Okay, we are at Sex-Z Pictures, correct?


And that’s good, because we’re here with one of the stars of one of the biggest movies of 2007, Upload.

Eva Angelina!

Wait, you’re not Hillary Scott?

No. (She laughs)

I thought you were Hillary Scott.

Uh-oh. (She laughs)

Well, howdy. She’s cute too.

eva08at Interview: Eva Angelina

(She laughs)

Can I do you both at once?


Anyway, let’s talk to Eva. Let’s start with ‘Upload.’


Because we are at the Sex-Z booth. Obviously, that was a huge role for you.

Huge! It was very exciting for me. I shot 17 days out of 20. I was completely just in awe of the whole movie-making process being shot in mainstream fashion. And then to be involved with such a big budget and such a cool storyline, it’s really flattering that Eli Cross chose me.

I hear he goes through the full audition process.

Yes, he does! I used to do a lot of mainstream auditioning stuff when I was kid. And it was a camera on tripods, cold readings.

Were you nervous?

Well, no, because that’s my comfort zone. I grew up in that and performing and working with dialogue, and I just ended up having sex on camera. Not that I don’t love it, I just love getting laid. Just that now I’m getting paid for it. So I get the best of both worlds, and I’m going to take it. So everything’s good.

Is it safe to say that “Upload” was the biggest role, acting-wise, of your career?

Oh yeah. Without a doubt.

Because you haven’t done a lot of movies. About how many?

Oh, about 400 that have been released.

And most of those, you aren’t doing a lot of acting. You’re just showing up, looking hot.

No. Not really. Unless you consider coming over and unclogging my plumbing acting. (She laughs)

You didn’t have just a couple lines in “Upload,” you had pages and pages of dialog.

Oh yeah, it was a huge script. Close to 70 or 80 pages.

When you read the script, did you know right away?

eva08bt Interview: Eva Angelina

I felt Cassandra [her character in "Upload"] in me right away. Actually, Eli had me write a huge essay on how I perceived Cassie to be, and why she ended up the way she did and this and that. And when I sent it to him and got his feedback, he was like, ’110 percent on the dot.’ I used a lot of my own, personal experiences. I wrote it in the format of talking to a psychiatrist, like getting an analysis done. It was kind of cool.

You were outstanding in an excellent movie. Nominated for how many awards?

Thank you. Two awards, all “Upload” movie awards.

No ‘Performer of the Year’ award nominations yet?

Nope. I don’t haven’t done enough anal.

We’ll get to that, because I hear you’re doing anal.


So “Upload” is obviously a movie that people should see.


“E For Eva“?

“E For Eva,” yes. Jonni Darkko came to me with the idea of doing this, and he’d just done “G For Gianna.” There was a lot of stuff like gangbangs and blowbangs that we wanted to touch, and kind of go in that area, and give people what they haven’t seen yet. I love Jonni. He’s been shooting me since the day I got into the business. And so for him and I to sit down and work on this project and creatively thinking to end up with this amazing project is great. He’s my mentor, if I were to ever start directing. I would definitely follow in his footsteps.

Is it out right now?

January 9 is when it came out.

So it’s out and available. There’s a blowbang in there?

A blowbang, a gangbang. There’s a DP scene, an anal scene. The anal scene is the DP scene, though. There’s an interracial scene, which I haven’t done in a really long time, and then a masturbation with big toys.

So a little bit of everything?

Yeah. For everybody’s taste, we hopefully reeled it in.

Very good. And obviously, ‘G For Gianna‘ was a great movie for Gianna, so it should be a great movie for you.


And we can follow “Upload” where you get to act and have great sex with “E For Eva” where you probably just get to have great sex

Actually, we had a little bit of acting, but we had to edit it out. It was this bit where I get kidnapped from a park. They put chloroform on me and there’s a struggle. That was actually my favorite part of the movie.

That’s a scene to keep for your personal collection.

It will be. (She laughs)

What other movies should people look for?

eva08at Interview: Eva Angelina

I just did “Big Wet Assesinline arrow Interview: Eva Angelina 12,” (Eva action clips from BWA 12) which was my first anal gonzo scene, which was kind of a big deal for me, and another Elegant Angel movie that’s the all-star movie of the year with all their top performers and I did an anal scene for that. It will be really exciting to see, and I love working for William H. Great, very creative director.

Wait, you were in a “Big Wet Asses” movie? Do you have a big ass?

(She laughs) It’s about positioning. But you know what? If you’re sticking your dick in my ass, you’re going to love it.

I’ll keep that in mind for later.

(She laughs) It’s going to be big enough.

How about a website?

My website is . I started off doing all my anal scenes exclusively for my website. As much as I’d love to keep doing that, I love my anal scenes and want everybody to be able to see them.

So people who like your anal scenes can go to your website and see more of them.


Who was your first anal on camera?

Tommy Gunn.

How’d that go? Have they gotten easier?

Oh, dude, I used to dread it, at least the preparation process. But now, I know my body and I know what I need to do. It’s cake-easy. It’s great. I love it.

Let’s talk a little about who you are. We know you’re Eva Angelina. Where are you from?

I’m from Huntington Beach, California.

Right down the road from me.

Oh, cool. Where are you from?

I live up in Placentia.

Oh, okay. I used to date someone who grew up in the Anaheim Hills area.

Nice. And you’re how old?

I am 22-years-old.

And you’ve been in the business how long?

I have been in the business for four-and-a-half years.

So you were a fresh 18.


eva08bt Interview: Eva Angelina

What prompted you, at the tender age of 18, to enter the world of porn?

I actually wanted to shoot porn. I started shooting my own movies when I was 14, stealing my parents’ little Handi-Cam and ran with it. (She laughs) I was always very sexuallyinline arrow Interview: Eva Angelina active. It was always more of me turning 18 so that I could really shine.

Do you remember your first scene?

Yes. It was with Mr. Pete. It was for a competition for a Shane’s World movie, “College Invasion 2.” It was me being a civilian, obviously, me having never shot porn, and going on a date with two porn star guys who had a competition to make me choose between them at the end of the night. Whoever I chose, I got to fuckinline arrow Interview: Eva Angelina.

So obviously you had a good time.

Oh yeah. They had me back the next day.

Nice. Do you have any favorites to work with?

I like Danny Mountain. He’s a great performer. There’s so many guys. Johnny Sinz is great. Voodoo is one of my top favorites. I love Mark Davis.

You’re the third girl today who mentioned Johnny Sinz. What’s so great about Johnny Sinz?

I’m a size queen. I really like big dicksinline arrow Interview: Eva Angelina. He’s got a great dick and he’s cute. He’s got a great body and he’s young. Why wouldn’t you like working with someone like that?

Who’s the biggest guy you’ve worked with?

I’m not really sure. If I had them side-by-side, I could probably give you a few like Shane Diesel (Eva and Shane Together), Jack Napier, Mr. Biggz ((Eva and Biggz in Action). Of course, all black guys for my biggest.

Those are all huge.


And you’re still a size queen after those?

Oh yeah.

Regular guys have no chance!

I have a problem-I like to feel my cervix in my throat.

Well, Jack would be good for that. What else do you want people to know about you? How tall are you?

I’m 5’3.

And measurements?

34D, 36 waist, 34 hips, and 6½ size shoe. (She laughs)

People care about the size of the shoe. And your ethnic make-up?

I am Cuban, Chinese, Irish, and English.

So you can be in Latin, Asian or white lines.

Yes, and I’ve been in all! I’ve done a couple Asian movies.

eva08at Interview: Eva Angelina

Well, the right eye make-up.

Yeah, definitely the right eye make-up will make the difference.

Does the family know what you do?


And how do they feel about it?

Oh, my dad’s caught me having sex so many times. When I started shooting my own stuff, I was kind of preparing for telling my dad, saying “I want to shoot for ‘Playboy’ when I was like 14. And then when I did tell him I was doing porn about a year and a half after I got into the business, he said the same thing to me that he did when I was 14, “Don’t do anything you’re going to regret.”

Have you done anything you regret?

No. I try not to live life regretfully.

Anything else people should know about you? What do you like to do when you’re not having sex?

I like to go to the movie theatre, and go-cart racing. I like to skydive and do active things like that.

Have you gone skydiving with Voodoo?

Yes, actually. He’s the first person I did it with.

He and Nicole do it in their movies sometimes. Kind of fun.

Yeah, they’re great. Nicole and Voodoo are amazing people. Just to share that first experience with them was amazing. I also like to snowboard and surf.

You’re an outdoor girl, then.

I am. I can’t sit still for very long. (She laughs)

Who are your favorite girls to work with?

Favorite girl to work with? I like working with Audrey Bitoni. Carlie Parker is the most entertaining person on the planet. Sammie Rhoades, I love working with her. There’s actually a couple of people that I haven’t gotten the chance to work with that I would love to work with.


I haven’t shot a scene with Hillary Scott.

You’ve never shot a scene with Hillary Scott? You’ve done 400 movies, she’s probably done 300, and none together? We’ve got to work that out, don’t we?

Yeah, we need to set it up.

I will talk to Hillary. You know, we could even go to my room later.

And figure it out! Or arrange something.

Yeah, yeah. We could do a practice scene.

For the actual scene? Okay!

You know, you, me and her. In 30 seconds, we’re all done.

30 seconds? Oh, we gotta be quick learners. It’ll teach us the ropes of how to fuck Hillary Scott. (She laughs)

eva08bt Interview: Eva Angelina

Anything other movies, besides the ones we mentioned, that stand out and that people should look for?

There’s a Ninn-Worx movie called “Eva Angelina,” which is kind of like an “E For Eva.” I’m not doing as hardcore scenes, it’s more erotic and pretty. “Sleeping Around” is another really good one. There’s so many!

Okay, people can look around on the Internet for more. Obviously, people need to see “Upload.” It is an amazing movie. I think you’re a favorite to win tomorrow.

I hope so! I worked really hard on this movie.

Well, I hope you win.

Thank you.

Eva Angelina Complete Filmography:

Asian Street Hookers 36 T.T. Boy Productions 2003
College Invasion 2 Shane's World 2003
College Invasion 3 Shane's World 2003
Santeria Video Team 2003
Sex On The First Date Cherry Boxxx 2003
Teens Revealed 3 Platinum X Pictures 2003
Art Of Oral Sex Simon Wolf 2004
Artcore 1: House Of Whores Anabolic Video 2004
Baby Doll First Timers Baby Doll 2004
Bangin' Beaver on the Bus 4 Celestial 2004
Beef Eaters 1 3rd Degree 2004
Biggz And The Beauties 8 New Sensations 2004
Blue Angels 1: The Second Coming Simon Wolf 2004
Blue Angels 2 Simon Wolf 2004
Camera Club Adam & Eve 2004
College Invasion 4 Shane's World 2004
Cum Swapping Sluts 7 Red Light District 2004
Deep Throat This 18 Northstar Associates 2004
Easy Prey 2 Smash Pictures 2004
First Offense 7 Northstar Associates 2004
Just Over Eighteen 10 Red Light District 2004
Latin Booty Talk 2 West Coast Productions 2004
Latin Teen Tryouts 1 Devil's Film 2004
Lollipop Babies 2 Cherry Boxxx 2004
Naughty College School Girls 31 New Sensations 2004
Pussy Party 1 CSI 2004
Squirting 101 2 Digital Sin 2004
Surfer Girls 1 Shane's World 2004
Teen Dreams 7 New Sensations 2004
Ten Little Piggies 4 Platinum X Pictures 2004
Thank God It's Friday Cherry Boxxx 2004
Throat Bangers 4 Devil's Film 2004
Throat Gaggers 6 Red Light District 2004
White Chicks Gettin' Black Balled 1 Northstar Associates 2004
Whoriental Sex Academy 8 Sin City 2004
Woman's World Simon Wolf 2004
Young Stuff 2 Simon Wolf 2004
Young Tight Latinas 7 Red Light District 2004
Addicted 2 Sin Jill Kelly Productions 2005
Angels of Debauchery 4 Evil Angel 2005
Bangin' the Girl Next Door 2 Demolition 2005
Big And Bouncy 1 Metro 2005
Big Giant Titties 1 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Big Sausage Pizza 6 CinemaPlay 2005
Big Titty Woman 1 VCA 2005
Bitches in Heat 2 Colossal Entertainment 2005
Black Nutz Juice West Coast Productions 2005
Blow Me 1 Demolition 2005
Blow Me 12 Demolition 2005
Blowjob Princess 1 Metro 2005
Boy Meats Girl 2 Digital Sin 2005
But I'm With the Band Wicked Pictures 2005
Caged Sluts Colossal Entertainment 2005
California Cuties Platinum Blue Productions 2005
Camel Hoe's 4 3rd Degree 2005
Caught in the Act Metro 2005
Chicks and Salsa 2 3rd Degree 2005
Christoph's Beautiful Girls 21 Evil Angel 2005
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Crazy In The Head, Crazy In The Bed Lethal Hardcore 2005
Cum Buckets 3 Elegant Angel 2005
Cum Craving Teens 2 Elegant Angel 2005
Cum Drenched Tits 2 Elegant Angel 2005
Cum in My Mouth I'll Spit It Back in Yours 3 Devil's Film 2005
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Dance on Fire Hustler Video 2005
Desperate Wives 2 Sex Z Pictures 2005
Dirty Girlz 4 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Double D Divas Torrid Video 2005
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Pleasure 2 Defiance Films 2005
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Pussy Foot'n 14 Northstar Associates 2005
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Sex Fiends 3 Platinum X Pictures 2005
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Addicted 2 Acid Rain 2009
All About Eva Angelina 2 Fusxion 2009
All Dressed Up Vivid 2009
American Swingers Vivid 2009
Baby Got Boobs 1 Brazzers 2009
Big Rack Attack 6 Zero Tolerance 2009
Big Tits Boss 7 Pulse Distribution 2009
Big Tits Like Big Dicks 2 2009
Biggz Does Them All 2 Digital Sin 2009
Blowbang Sexxxperience Loaded Digital 2009
Blown Away 2 Zero Tolerance 2009
Brunettes: The Darkside Fusxion 2009
Creamy Faces Metabolic 2009
Cumstains 10 Zero Tolerance 2009
Cyber Sluts 9 Wicked Pictures 2009
Deep Impact (Bluebird) Bluebird Films 2009
Deviance 1 Adam & Eve 2009
Evalutionary Elegant Angel 2009
Flight Attendants Adam & Eve 2009
Forbidden Wicked Pictures 2009
Her First Lesbian Sex 17 Pink Visual 2009
Mr. Big Dicks Hot Chicks 4 Sudden Impact 2009
Murder Mystery Weekend 1: The Prophecy Bluebird Films 2009
Murder Mystery Weekend 2: Maiden Fear Bluebird Films 2009
My Daughter's Fucking Blackzilla 18 Hush Hush Entertainment 2009
Naughty Office 18 Pure Play Media 2009
Ninn Wars 4 Ninn Worx 2009
Pop Shots 10 Diabolic Video 2009
Sex Time Vivid 2009
Slutty Senoritas Hustler Video 2009
Squirt My Face Metabolic 2009
Squirt Shots Metabolic 2009
Swimsuit Calendar Girls 2 Elegant Angel 2009
XXX at Work 1 2009
Best BJ's Mile High 2010
Big Tits at School 10 Brazzers 2010
Black Beauty 3 Bluebird Films 2010
Brazzers Presents: the Parodies Jules Jordan Video 2010
Brother Load 2 Jules Jordan Video 2010
Busty Babysitters Vouyer Media 2010
Busty POV Elegant Angel 2010
Car Wash Girls Elegant Angel 2010
Curvy Girls 5 Elegant Angel 2010
Department S Mission Two: Lair of the Crooked Tiger Bluebird Films 2010
Eva Angelina vs. Teagan Zero Tolerance 2010
Femdom Ass Worship 4 Evil Angel 2010
Glamour Girls 3 Elegant Angel 2010
Handjob Spectacles Juicy Entertainment 2010
Hard Day's Work Wicked Pictures 2010
Hocus Pocus XXX Cezar Capone 2010
Hooked (Wicked) Wicked Pictures 2010
I Have a Wife 9 Pure Play Media 2010
Jizz on My Glasses 1 Hush Hush Entertainment 2010
Lex The Impaler 5 Jules Jordan Video 2010
Magical Feet 8 Bang Productions 2010
My Dad's Hot Girlfriend 2 Pure Play Media 2010
Naughty Athletics 9 Pure Play Media 2010
Naughty Staff 2 Zero Tolerance 2010
Notorious S.L.U.T. New Sensations 2010
Only Good Man Bluebird Films 2010
Porn Fidelity 24 Juicy Entertainment 2010
Pornstars Like It Big 10 Brazzers 2010
Pornstars Punishment 2 Jules Jordan Video 2010
Sexual HarASSment Zero Tolerance 2010
Sexy Senoritas 2 Pure Play Media 2010
Taxi: A Hardcore Parody Vouyer Media 2010
Teachers with Tits 3rd Degree 2010
Threesomes Pure Play Media 2010
Vice City Porn Justin Slayer International 2010
Ben Dover's Polecats Bluebird Films 2011
In the VIP 5 In the VIP 2011
Legendary Angels Adam & Eve 2011
Live Gonzo 2 Evil Angel 2011
Not Jennifer Lopez XXX: An American Idol Digital Sin 2011
On My Own: Brunette Edition Twistys 2011

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