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Brianna Love
Brianna Love

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Born: 3/14/1985
Aliases: Brianna Luv, Brianna, Briana Love

Country of Origin: United States CA - California
Place of Birth: Fresno
Date of Birth: March 14, 1985 (26 years old)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches
Weight: 50 kg - 110 lbs
Measurements: 34A-22-36
Shoe Size: 9
Tattoos: Flowers and feathers band around the right bicep with the word "Faith"

If you've ever been to Fresno, California, your first thought was most likely about the fastest way out of Fresno, California; however, if you'd known that Brianna Love was born there, you might have thought twice about getting out. Once a boring, backwater town with little to recommend it except places to get gas on your way to the fun parts of California, Fresno's main industries were agriculture and football players, but a cultural renaissance has resulted in a vibrant city that can produce both a 6'3", 215-pound NFL Hall-of-Famer like Raiders quarterback Daryle Lamonica and a sexy, five-foot-three, 110-pound porn vixen like Brianna Love without even blinking.

Brianna Love is the current darling of the callipygophile set in porn, with a gorgeous ass-heavy figure whose A-cup tits are nice but exceedingly unlikely to distract from the lower reaches of her nearly pear-shaped 34-22-36 body. And why would you want to look anywhere else? Brianna Love has built a reputation in just two short years for doing things with her big ass that defy description; fortunately she is in a business in which description is rendered unnecessary by hundreds of hours of clear, sharp video footage, so if you're curious about Brianna's anal adventures, check her out in Brianna Love is Buttwoman, Anal Expedition 11, Big Butt Smashdown 9 or Balls Deep 12 for a great look at what goes on in her southern hemisphere.

In much the same way that Fresno began as an agricultural whistle-stop but has evolved into the cultural and economic powerhouse of the Golden State's Central Valley, Brianna Love began her life in the adult business as a stripper (as many small-farm-town girls do) and only moved into doing films after getting used to the skin trade up close and personal with the customers. Brianna Love's first year in the business -- 2005 -- was spent honing her craft exclusively in girl on girl scenes like the ones in Girl Crazy #5, Strap It On, or Be My Bitch 2, among about a dozen others.

In her second year, Brianna Love hit the starlet jackpot and signed a two-year contract with Red Light District, a company that gave her a great deal of artistic freedom; much to the delight of viewers of movies like Cum Stained Casting Couch 3, Just Over Eighteen 13 and Tease Me Then Please Me 3. Brianna also used her overflowing talents to cash in on the burgeoning squirting craze by gushing gallons in more than half a dozen female ejaculation scenes, including Barefoot Confidential 37 and Cunt Gushers. Now that the craze is over, Brianna stays true to her roots, continuing to squirt in Hellcats 13, among others.

Fresno is a thriving multiracial community, sitting as it does squarely in the middle of the Central Valley, where immigrants from south of the border are plentiful and important members of the community; Brianna Love herself has housed any number of interracial citizens within her borders -- among the lucky visitors in more than 20 interracial scenes have been porn celebrities like Shane Diesel in Breakin' Em In Young, Rico Strong in Crude Oil 2 and Tyler Knight in Teen Fuck Holes 4.

Brianna Love writes songs and poetry, and she has talked to us about an upcoming album, displaying an artistic bent that would not be out of place at Fresno's annual Rogue Festival, which celebrates the independent performer and artist. She is of course better known (at least for now) for her movies, but in spite of her groundbreaking work in ass to mouth and double penetration in titles like Brianna Love Oversexed, Come As You Please and Up Your Ass 27, she continues to go unrecognized by the Fresno Filmworks festivals, on the second Friday of every month (except December) and for three days every May at the historic Tower Theater.

Brianna Love can take comfort, though, in knowing that she has garnered no fewer than eight nominations for the 2008 AVN Awards, including Female Performer of the Year, five individual sex scene awards, and both Best Actress in a Video and Best Tease Performance for her work in Brianna Love - Her Fine Sexy Self . Maybe this is Brianna Love's year for a prize at Fresno Reel Pride, one of the oldest and largest LGBT film festivals in the United States!


Luke is back Interviewed:

Brianna is 19-years-old. She only does girl-girl. She's blonde with a big booty and microscopic breasts. She has a perky personality.

Her agent is Thomas Hope of He split from Exotic Star Connection on December 26, 2003. He then took 20 girls to the AEE in Las Vegas in January 2004, launching his new company.

Like many people in the industry, Thomas confuses me for the first 20-minutes with Scott Fayner, putative owner of

"I have very few locals," says Thomas. "Almost all my girls come from different states."

Thomas also owns the promotional company VIP Entertainment. "When I got in [as a talent agent], I already knew everybody from that. I went from talking to the guy in charge of marketing to the guy in charge of talent. I had a backdoor entry, so it was easy for me.

"I got up this morning at 7 to get a girl to work. I forgot that the shoot was tomorrow and not today. I drove all the way to Calabassas with the girl to have Ricky [Davis] say, we're in Chatsworth today and her shoot is at noon.

"I fought through the traffic to go from Northridge to the hotel, pick up the girl, and go to Calabassas.

"I seldom make mistakes like that, so the girls don't say anything.

"I'm the early agent. My call times are always early because I'm known to be the agent who's up early. Because this guy is irresponsible, he gets to sleep until 11 and take his girl in at 12. But I have every 8:30am calltime.

"Rick Davis is the only guy I double-book. By the time the girls starts to enjoy herself, it's over. So I take the girl from this set to another one. She says, that was just an appetizer. I'm starving now."

Thomas has Lona Leigh with him. She's never been shot before. "K-Beech is the company I bring the new talent. The girl's first experience makes the whole business. Rick Davis uses guys that girls will do for free. When they leave, they're smiling.

"I tell them beforehand, you are going to have a nice shoot. It's going to be fast. The guy is going to be hot. Enjoy it, but don't assume that this is what this industry is about. Because you are going to go to the next shoot. It's going to be six hours. The guy is not going to be as hot. The director's not going to be as polite. You're not going to like the cameraman, the PA, and the producer. And the pay won't be as good.

"Girls get all excited being around [director] Corey [Jordan]. That's why Jill Kelly married him.

"I don't do double-anything. The companies that mostly shoot that stuff, I don't mess with. One company [wanted a girl for something kinky stuff]. I said, I don't want you to ever call me again. Remove my number from your Roladex.

"I will book a girl for a BJ scene, but I get calls for throat-gagging. I don't send my girls to vomit. I don't know who's buying those tapes."

Duke: "Do you have people who try to take advantage of your talent?"

Thomas: "Look at me. I don't look like a person people are going to try to take advantage of. I don't have that problem. The people who disrespect Thomas Hope in this business are people who have never seen me. I had problems at the beginning when I was just a name and no face."

I sit outside with Brianna Love. There's a chill wind and she's only wearing lingerie.

It's time to hit the marijuana pipe for some warmth.

She moved around constantly as a child and quickly learned how to get along with people.

Duke: "How did you become a [stripper]?"

Brianna: "I worked in a little town in Missouri. The first night I moved there, I decided to try something new. I danced. I was good at it. There were no lap dances. It was all pole dancing. I was really dancing.

"Then I figured if I was going to dance, Las Vegas would make me more money. So I moved there. Then I decided to do some porn."

Duke: "How do you think your constant moving around as a kid affected you?"

Brianna: "I'm adventurous. I'm not afraid to take new risks. I've seen a lot of things and I've met a lot of people. I have a confused accent and I have an interesting personality. I get along with people well and I adapt to new surroundings well. That's made this industry easier for me."

Duke: "How has working as a dancer and a porn star affected your view of men?"

Brianna: "Not at all, except that I realize how silly they are at times.

"I was cute when I was younger. I've always liked men. I've always been a bad girl. I've always understood men. They're not hard to figure out. Fill their bellies and keep them horny."

Brianna lost her virginity at age 14. In highschool, "I was generally with one person. I was with more girls than guys. My first experience was with a girl."

Duke: "What made you take the step into porn?"

Brianna: "I realized that whatever I want to do takes money. I've always been wild and crazy. I'm good at it. I enjoy it. It's something that can open up a lot of other avenues for my career."

Porn is famous for the many different avenues it opens up for people's careers. There's one feeder program to medical school, another one for rocket science... From bukkake to investment banking in ten easy steps. My next book.

Duke: "What do you mean? Feature dancing?"

Brianna: "Acting. I've been in school plays and church things. No official [acting] classes but I'm pretty good."

Duke: "What kind of student were you in highschool?"

Brianna: "A good one. I was in every club -- dancing, German, band, singing. Anything I could do I was in and was one of the best of. I graduated a year earlier.

"I moved out of my home at 15. I lived on my own. I worked fulltime as a waitress."

Brianna has always wanted to be a singer and a dancer. "I write music, but that's on the backburner now."

Duke: "What were you expected to become?"

Brianna: "The perfect go-to-nursing-school-marry-a-radiologist-have-money-retire-early-in-the-Mid-West. I was always what I was not expected to be. I tried to take some nursing classes and I fainted. So, blood and gore is not my avenue."

Duke: "What themes predominate in your song writing?"

Brianna: "Mostly I write love songs or just frustrating songs. That's how I've always expressed myself -- through my writing. That's why you have a journal -- to say things you are not close enough to anyone to say. Most of my writing is poems. That's what songs are -- poems set to a beat."

Brianna has five younger brothers and sisters. "They all love me but I don't see them that often."

Duke: "Why were you alone so much?"

Brianna: "Because I didn't get along at home. My mom's single. We're best friends but we clash heads when we're together. I had to be the shoulder that was lent on growing up. It caught up with me. There was a point where I said: I know I can handle my own life, but this is too much for me. We had an agreement and we've been friends since then.

"My mom knows everything I do. She's understanding. She knows that everything I do is for a reason."

Brianna has always been blonde. "I've always been goofy. If I enter a room and I'm goofy, it's kinda acceptable. I've always been the class clown. I'm one of the klutziest people you will ever meet. I don't think I would look right with any other color."

Brianna began keeping her diary at age eight. Her mom read it, leaving Brianna feeling violated. "She told me the story, when I was younger, my mom read my journal and it hurt my feelings. And then she did it to me. Once I knew she was reading my journal, I would only write down things I knew she would want to hear.

"I've written thousands of pages.

"My mom was strict. My bad was sneaking out at night so I could be out until 1am like everyone else.

"I plan to always have a home in Las Vegas, but I'm sure that eventually California will become my home also."

Brianna, who has no tattoos, sang in many different churches as a child. Once she became a stripper, she stopped going to church.

Brianna can shoot a gun and knows how to hunt.

She invests most of her money with a company she works for in Vegas. In return, she gets a percentage of the profit from throwing parties.

Gamelink Interviewed with Brianna:

Move Over Britney...
An Interview With Brianna Love

by P. Weasels
PW: Information about you is pretty scarce, so I'm going to ask you some basic questions to start off. Where were you born? What's your hometown?

BL: My hometown is Fresno, California and I've lived all over. I'm a traveler so I've lived all over the US.

PW: What's your favorite place you've lived?

BL: My favorite place is California actually. I've lived in the Midwest and the South but California is definitely my favorite. I like Vegas a lot too, I recently moved here from there.

PW: I heard you did some time in Missouri

BL: Yes I have. My mom's family is from the Midwest so I've moved around a lot but we always seem to make it back to the Midwest.

PW: How long have you been in the business?

BL: I've been in the adult business for 2 years and I've been making movies for 1 year.

PW: And you were dancing before that, right?

BL: I have danced prior, but not feature dancing. I figured out the hard way that if I'm going to dance, I want to do it right. I want to feature and sell movies and get treated like a princess for a week and be the featured entertainer, not deal with any of the other stuff that has to do with dancing. But I enjoy dancing a lot and I enjoy traveling so it's a lot of fun to feature.

PW: What cities have the best crowds? Where have you had the best time?

BL: I'd have to say Vegas. Vegas is where the fun's at. It's where the fun and the money is at.

PW: How many movies have you done so far?

BL: Probably around sixty or more girl-girl and I've done nearly twenty boy-girl.

PW: So you started off doing only girl-girl right? And then you started doing boys?

BL: Yeah, I started off with girl-girl. I was new in the business and didn't really know how things worked, I wanted to take it slow rather than jump right into everything. And I got bored with it. There are a lot of girls in the business that don't really like girls. It's less pay and more work. I was getting worn out, booking myself every day, every other day, twice a day, whatever just to try to make the same amount of money that other girls were making to do one scene.

So I got smart and I got with one company and worked out a little deal with them that eventually turned into my contract with Red Light. I've been exclusive with them as far as boy-girl is concerned since the start.

PW: So what do you like about Red Light?

BL: I love everything about Red Light. I like the fact that I get to know the directors. When I go to work I know who I'm shooting for, what kind of day to expect. They generally use the same talent so I know what talent I'm working with and what kind of person they are. And they're my friends. I shoot a scene and we go to lunch afterwards.

I like a lot of things there, they take care of me. I'm their only contract girl, so they take care of their little princess. [Laughs]

PW: I read in an interview a while ago that you were working with a company that did parties. Do you still do that?

BL: Yeah, I still do a lot. I'm not still working with that company, but I do a lot of parties and stuff. People want me to host events and that's really what I'm the best at. That's how I got in the business in the first place. I was hosting VIP events and parties in Vegas and doing bachelor parties in limos and doing all kinds of stuff in Vegas and that's how I got in the business. Everyone was like "Oh you're so crazy! Why aren't you in the adult business?" And I really had no excuse and nothing holding me back so I gave it a whirl.

I still stay true to my roots, I still go back to Vegas. I have people who request me that want to see me and want to spend time with me. Yeah. I get paid to party, it's fun.

PW: Have you ever worked at any of the places in Nevada like The Bunny Ranch or any of those places?

BL: No I've never been anywhere like that. I get treated pretty nice, I'm pretty selective about what I do and what I don't do.

PW: How old were you when you started?

BL: I was 19

PW: What have you done so far with the money you've made? Have you been able to do anything fun?

BL: I'm going to Orlando at the end of the month for my girlfriend's birthday. I've been able to travel and do what I want. Investments are definitely what I'm working on because when you're making this much money you've gotta be putting it back somewhere. It doesn't last forever so I've definitely got a lot of plans for my money. I'm also going to be working on my music career.

PW: I heard you write music too.

BL: Yes I do.

PW: Do you have any particular influences? People that you really like listening to?

BL: I listen to everything. I listen to rap, country, alternative, rock. I'm a really big Korn fan, I love 311 and I just really like music altogether. I could name probably fifty artists right now. [Laughs]

PW: Do you play any instruments?

BL: Yes. I grew up playing a lot of instruments so I play a little bit of everything. I learned violin when I was young, I've taken a couple of guitar lessons and I know how to just play if I pick it up. Piano, I've taken lessons but I was kind of a rebel and didn't really want to learn much about it cause it was what my mom wanted me to do. [Laughs] I have a little experience with a lot of instruments.

Me and my girlfriend want our next purchase to be new guitars. At that point I'm going to be taking guitar lessons again and getting myself warmed up. Then I can start writing newer music for my tape and taking the songs already on my demo tape up to the next level. I'm always working on things, I'm definitely a busy little girl.

PW: Is your girlfriend in the business too?

BL: Yeah.

PW: Who is it?

BL: Davia Ardell.

PW: How long have you guys been together?

BL: 2 years

PW: That's a long time

BL: Yeah, she's my little travel partner, we go everywhere together.

PW: Is she a romantic girlfriend or just a good friend girlfriend?

BL: A little of both. [Laughs]

PW: Have you guys worked together?

BL: Yeah we did one scene together and it was really hot. We shot in Florida for the Orlando awards out there, Night Moves? And Jack Spade shot it and he lost the tape. We got paid for the scene and everything.

So we're just gonna buy a camera and shoot ourselves a film and keep it for our website. So many people have seen us together now and so many people know we're friends, they really want to see a movie on us.

PW: What are you working on besides music right now?

BL: I actually just did a Vivid and Red Light movie. Vivid and Red Light came together to do a movie. It's untitled at the moment, but it's got Briana Banks, the Vivid contract girl in it.

I also just finished my movie. It's still waiting to be named and everything. We haven't decided on a name yet, we've got a couple things in the air. I helped direct the movie and I helped pick out the talent for the movie and I was in every scene.

PW: Who's in it?

BL: Katsumi. She's super hot. A couple of my favorite guy performers - Michael Stefano and Manuel Ferrara. He's the one that's shooting the main part of the movie. It just kinda follows me around through what happens in my career. I do girl-girl and I don't like guys. Then I get convinced to like penis and I'm this big ass freak in the end. [Laughs]

PW: Do you go out with guys sometimes in your personal life too or is it just onscreen?

BL: Yeah, I have a boyfriend in my personal life. Everybody thinks that people in the business aren't normal and that you don't have a normal life but I think especially if you're in the business you need to have your own home life. You need to be able to have someone and something to go home to and I'm a Betty Homemaker at home. My girlfriend calls me "Sexy Betty Crocker". I'm cooking and cleaning and handling my business at home when I'm not traveling or working.

PW: I read in another interview a while back that you were the class clown in school.

BL: I've always been an entertainer my whole life. If I can make someone laugh, or sing or touch someone's heart or make someone cry or capture the audience onscreen, any way that I can entertain is my favorite. I was very much a class clown in school. A little rebel girl, I was involved in everything. Dancing, sports, singing, German club, I mean, I was involved in everything and I was everybody's friend. I wasn't a girl that had a little tight clique of a couple of friends, I was friends with everybody.

PW: Would anybody from high school have guessed that you were gonna grow up to be a porn star?

BL: Oh no. [Laughs] I doubt anyone would have ever guessed that. However, they all know now. Small town in the Midwest, they all know now.

PW: What town?

BL: Vidalia, Missouri is where I went to high school. About 20,000 or so people, not very big at all.

PW: And they all know you.

BL: They all know me. [Laughs]

PW: What do you think your outstanding screen talent is?

BL: I have to say how I deal with people and how I treat people - my personality, my people skills. When I leave a set, my agent (who is also my boyfriend) will tell me that I get the weirdest compliments. I'll leave a set and people won't say "Wow what a hot bod", they'll say something about how well I interacted with the other people. I get a lot more personality compliments than I actually do on my looks. As a female, I think that my best traits are my features.

I hope what people remember me for is something different. As long as it's different, as long as it's out of the norm. I try to stand out anyway. I'm one of the only contract girls in the business that doesn't have a boob job, for one thing. I'm all natural and just the girl next door.

As long as I stand out, I don't care. That's pretty much what I'm going for.

PW: Well, that sounds great. Thanks so much for talking to me!

BL: Thank you!

Brianna Love Complete Filmography:

1 Dick 2 Chicks 4 Red Light District 2005
1 Lucky Fuck 1 Red Light District 2005
2 Chicks Same Time 1 Pure Play Media 2008
3 Blowin' Me 1 New Sensations 2007
50 To 1 2 Platinum X Pictures 2005
All Alone 3 3rd Degree 2008
American Bi 3 Pulse Distribution 2008
Anabolic Superstars Anabolic Video 2008
Anal Expedition 11 Evil Angel 2007
Anal Mania CDI Home Video 2005
Anal Overdose Evil Angel 2010
Apprentass 9 Zero Tolerance 2008
Ass Almighty 2 Red Light District 2008
Ass Appeal 6 Hustler Video 2008
Ass Cream Pies 11 Anabolic Video 2007
Ass Eaters Unanimous 10 Evolution Erotica 2005
Ass For Days 6 Diabolic Video 2008
Ass Parade 13 Bang Productions 2007
Ass Parade 16 Bang Productions 2008
Ass Parade 17 Bang Productions 2008
Ass Worship 10 Jules Jordan Video 2007
ATK Galleria 3: Amateur Connection Kick Ass Pictures 2007
ATK Galleria 7: More Girls Only Kick Ass Pictures 2009
ATK Perfect Pussy 1 Kick Ass Pictures 2009
ATK Pregnant Amateurs 1 Kick Ass Pictures 2008
ATK: All 18 2 Kick Ass Pictures 2009
Attack of the CFNM 1 Pink Visual 2008
Azz Fest 6 Metro 2008
Babes in Black Red Light District 2005
Bad Azz Mayhem 2008
Baker's Dozen 9 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Balls Deep 12 Anabolic Video 2007
Bangin' White Ass 3 Black Ice 2010
Barefoot Confidential 37 Kick Ass Pictures 2005
Barely Legal 52 Hustler Video 2005
Be My Bitch 2 Red Light District 2006
Belladonna: Fetish Fanatic 4 Evil Angel 2006
Belladonna: Manhandled 3 Evil Angel 2008
Belladonna's Cock Pigs Evil Angel 2008
Belladonna's Fucking Girls 6 Evil Angel 2008
Belladonna's Odd Jobs 3 Evil Angel 2007
Belladonna's Odd Jobs 4 Evil Angel 2008
Best Of Lord of Asses Tom Byron Pictures 2010
Big Ass Fixation 2 Tom Byron Pictures 2007
Big Ass Movie 1 Anabolic Video 2007
Big Ass White Girls 1 Black Ice 2009
Big Bubble Butt Anal Sluts 3 Evasive Angles 2007
Big Bubble Butt Cheerleaders 7 Evasive Angles 2007
Big Butt Brotha Lovers 11 Exquisite 2008
Big Butt Smashdown 9 Evasive Angles 2007
Big Tease 4 Wildlife 2005
Big Wet Asses 11 Elegant Angel 2007
Big Wet Asses 14 Elegant Angel 2008
Big White Wet Butts 8 Evasive Angles 2007
Bikini-Clad Cum Sluts Evil Angel 2007
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Blow It Out Your Ass 2 Elegant Angel 2007
Bodacious Booty 2 Evil Angel 2007
Bomb Ass White Booty 10 West Coast Productions 2008
Booty I Like 3 Evil Angel 2007
Breakin' 'Em In 8 Red Light District 2005
Breakin' Em In Young 1 Bone Digital 2007
Brianna Love Comes of Age Shane's World 2007
Brianna Love Her Fine Sexy Self John Leslie Productions 2007
Brianna Love Is Buttwoman Elegant Angel 2007
Brianna Love Oversexed Red Light District 2006
Bubble Butt Babysitters Tom Byron Pictures 2010
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Bustful of Dollars Red Light District 2005
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Chasey Lain Smokin' Cherry Boxxx 2005
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Cum Fart Cocktails 3 Red Light District 2005
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Cunt Gushers 1 Red Light District 2005
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Fuck Me 2 Harmony Films 2008
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Fully Loaded 4 Red Light District 2006
Gallop on His Pole Wicked Pictures 2008
Gang Bangin Whitey 3 Pure Filth 2007
Giants Black Meat White Treat 5 Sudden Impact 2008
Gimme the Finger 3rd Degree 2008
Girl Crazy 5 New Sensations 2005
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Head Case 3 3rd Degree 2008
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Her First Lesbian Sex 15 Pink Visual 2009
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Housewife 1 on 1 10 Pure Play Media 2008
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My Sister's Hot Friend 10 Pure Play Media 2007
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Naked Aces 2 Digital Playground 2007
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Sporty Girls 1 Elegant Angel 2008
Sprung a Leak 5 Red Light District 2008
Strap Attack 7 Evil Angel 2007
Strap Attack 8 Evil Angel 2008
Strap it On 1 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Stretched Out Snatch 7 New Sensations 2007
Strip Tease Then Fuck 10 Zero Tolerance 2008
Suck It Dry 4 Evil Angel 2007
Swap Meat 3rd Degree 2008
Sweet and Nasty Teens 4 Pink Visual 2008
Sweet Cheeks 8 Anabolic Video 2007
Sweet Cream Pies 4 3rd Degree 2008
Swimsuit Calendar Girls 1 Elegant Angel 2008
Teacher 1 Back End Productions 2007
Tease Before The Please 1 Diabolic Video 2007
Tease Me Then Please Me 3 Red Light District 2006
Teen Cum Dumpsters 5 Freaky Deaky 2007
Teen Fuck Holes 4 Platinum X Pictures 2005
Teen Squirt Queens White Ghetto 2005
Ten Little Piggies 7 Red Light District 2005
Ten Little Piggies 9 Platinum X Pictures 2006
Top Shelf Diabolic Video 2008
Trust Justice 1 Voodoo House 2007
Twisted Vision 3 Red Light District 2005
Un-Natural Sex 22 Diabolic Video 2008
Up That White Ass 1 Elegant Angel 2009
Up Your Ass 27 Anabolic Video 2007
Video Nasty 4: Katsuni Digital Playground 2008
Video Nasty 5: Teagan Digital Playground 2009
Vip Crew 2 Jules Jordan Video 2011
Watch Your Back 3 Diabolic Video 2009
What An Ass 5 New Sensations 2008
Where's The Cum 2 Platinum X Pictures 2005
White Booty Worship 1 Elegant Angel 2008
Women Seeking Women 13 Girlfriends Films 2005
Women Seeking Women 14 Girlfriends Films 2005
Women Seeking Women 17 Girlfriends Films 2005
Women Seeking Women 27 Girlfriends Films 2006
Women Seeking Women 32 Girlfriends Films 2007
Women Seeking Women 38 Girlfriends Films 2007
Young Harlots: In Detention Harmony Films 2008
Young Hot And Bothered Metro 2007

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