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Born: 4/9/1979
Aliases: Katsumi, Atsumi, Kamasu, Belgazoo ,Jayda

Ethnicity: Asian
Country of Origin: France Rhone-Alpes
Place of Birth: Lyon
Date of Birth: April 9, 1979 (32 years old)
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Black
Height: 170 cm - 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight: 53 kg - 117 lbs
Measurements: 32D-25-33
Shoe Size: 7

From Official Site:

"Katsuni , the most popular French porsntar in the world."

Student at 18 at the prestigious school of Political Sciences in France and then in Litterature for three years,Katsuni , 1st Penthouse France contract star, has become today, with more than 400 movies and many box and magazine covers to her name, the most famous French porn star in the world. She was the only French star in the top 10 porn stars on the planet, according to Genesis magazine. With 35 international awards from Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Brussels, Mexico, Berlin, Barcelona, Turin, Prague and Paris, including 14 AVN Awards, Katsuni is the pornstar with the most international awards.

She has been named Best French Actress, Best European Actress and 4 times Best Foreign Female Performer in the United States (AVN and Xbiz), has been on the cover of AVN magazine 3 times and received the Xfanz award 2010 for Favorite Asian Adult star.

This worldwide success has Katsuni living in Paris and Los Angeles, where she works as the first French actress under contract with Digital Playground. End 2008: She confirms her status of international pornstar by playing one of the main characters in the biggest budget movie of the adult industry, PIRATES 2.

She is also well known in France and Italy for her artistic stage performances and now feature-dances in the United States.2009 : Sheís nominated twice in Las Vegas at Gentlemenís Club Expo as ę Best Adult Movie Entertainer of the Year Ľ

2010 : Besides her career as an adult performer but also as a director and producer for her own company,Katsuni launches her own brand of sexy lingerie ę PETIT COEUR by Katsuni Ľ that she distributes in France, Australia, New-Zeland, Germany and soon in USA.

2011 :
ē She hosts her own TV show on French mainstream channel MCM ę Les Mangas sexy de Katsuni Ľ, a TV show about HentaÔs (adult japanese animes)
ē She decides to leave Digital Playground and is now freelance again and perform for the biggest adult companies.
ē She collaborates with the French brand of clothing OTAKU and gets her own line of T-Shirts. Check the video of the BTS:
ē Sheīs about to have her own character in a video game launched for PS3 and Xbox in Europe and USA.


Interview with Katsuni

September 29, 2010 by Christina

Hello Katsuni those who might not know you, what is your name and please describe yourself?

Hi my name is Katsuni; Iím a French and Vietnamese adult performer for the last 10 years. I was born in France and Iím now based in Paris and LA where Iíve been a Digital Playground contract girl for 4 yearsÖShould I add that I love my job?

How did you get started in the adult industry and what got you interested in pursuing it as a career?

I was a student in Literature when I met a photographer from Penthouse Magazine in France. Besides my studies, I was a gogo-dancer and I was interested in modeling. Penthouse was looking for a contract girl and asked me if I wanted to do adult movies. I said ďWhy not! As long as you donít promote me!Ē I was just curious, was looking for new experiences, to have fun and have sex. So I did my first scene and really liked it right away. Two years after, I gave up my studies and started my career.

You, along with Jesse Jane, have the longest tenure among the contract girls at Digital Playground. How did your contract with them come about? Did you pursue it or did they come to you with the offer?

In fact I just stopped working as a contract girl with Digital Playground. It has been four years since I signed with them and it was time for change. I wasnít looking for a contract because I always used to be independent. But to be honest this is not the kind of offer I could refuse, they are one of the best companies. I really didnít regret my choice. We spent four great years and I was really proud to be in Pirates 2.

Body Heat is Digital Playgrounds big fall release. What can you tell us about the movie and what can you tell us about your character?

Once again, Digital Playground proves how much itís worth investing money to get the best quality, and how important quality is to porn. With a crew coming from the mainstream industry, nice locations, costumes, make-up, a real script, Body Heat will be successful and Iím sure that women will love it too. Itís a real entertainment and itís never boring, even during dialogues.

I play the ďleader characterĒ, seems that Iím comfortable with this kind of character. I play the captain and really not the cute girl. But I like that, I like playing dominant characters, it allows me to express myself. For example, I usually never yell at people and when I had to it for some dialogues scenes, it made me feel good. I even had to break down a full door with an ax!

So you will be playing kind of the hard ass again. Would you say that is a strong suit for you, playing the tough assertive woman?

Yes I like that. In fact Iím very dominant with women but very submissive with men. but only if they deserve it. And the older I get, the more experienced I become. But to be honest, I am interested in playing someone else. I hate routine, so Iím waiting for the directors I will work with, to give me new challenges.

Like many female performers you have your own website,, for people that are not members what can they expect to see when they join?

Yes I also have for the French fans, (only single videos), for webcam shows. But the most complete website is from far, here youíll really find anything about me, a lot of pics, (fetish, glamour, porn, private, on sets, on stage) private videos, sex-tapes, US hardcore gonzos, my own castings that I produce and that you canít find anywhere else. I also do webcam shows where you can share a very intimate moment with me. I post on my blog, a kind of diary with personal pics in my daily life and the great thing is that when you are a member you have a free access to many other official websites and webcam shows like Jenna Haze, Tori Black, Lexi Belle, Eva Angelina and Jules Jordan. Thousands of extra videos for free!

You also make a lot of appearances as a Digital Playground contract girl. What is it like going out and meeting and talking to your fans?

Iím not a Digital Playground contract star anymore, but I will still work with the company because I really appreciate all that they have done for me. Yes, I did many adult conventions with them: AEE each year in Las Vegas, Venus in Berlin and each time I feature-dance in the USA I Ďm introduced as a DP girl. I really like meeting my fans and itís interesting to compare each country, each mentality. My Chinese fans are so different from the American or Italian ones for example. But whatever the country, itís always a pleasure to meet them, theyíre always very nice, and itís even better when we had the opportunity to meet before on Facebook, twitter or via my website. It creates a kind of complicity.

Do you have any interest in working behind the camera as either a director or writer?

I already shoot my own content. I produce and direct. Youíll be able to find many scenes, especially castings scenes, on . I really like that. Iím also working on my book about my experience in porn and most of all about my view about sexuality in our society. The goal is to publish it in France next year and hopefully then in USA.

Who are the people that you havenít had a chance to work with yet but would love to have that chance in the future?

Iím lucky Iíve already worked with all the main people of this industry. I wish I could work one more time with Michael Ninn. Iíd like to work again with Paul Thomas and Brad Armstrong, you know, the top of the directors. And of course I really want to be in the next big feature directed by Joone.

What would you say is the biggest misconception of people who work in the adult industry?

That they do this job because they had no choice. Lots of people look at us as we were retarded, as girls that donít respect themselves, as guys weíre all perverted and superficial. Thatís so easy to say that. Anyway as soon as you work with your body people consider that you donít have a brain. I wonít say that everybody in this business is brilliant, I just say that itís possible to do this job by choice, for the fun part, and still be smart enough to run a real career and business.

What kind of stuff do you like to do when you are not working? Any hobbies?

I always say that Iíll never stop working. When I donít do scenes, I feature-dance every weekend, do photoshoots, shoot documentaries for French TV, run my websites, work on my lingerie line etc. I donít have so much free time but when I have some, I like simple things: spending time with my friends, having a nice dinner, watching a movie, having a walk in the woods, sometimes doing a little bit of shopping and most of all I love staying in bed with my computer and watching a TV series. I also practice pole-dancing and plan to take dance classes when I move to LA. In Paris I canít really have hobbies.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Yes Iíll be the appearing with Joanna Angel of the erotic show SEXPO Sydney in Australia in October .It will be my very firsts time in Australia! In January, Iíll be at AEE signing at the Fleshlight booth in order to promote my own Fleshlight that you can already order. And I will feature dance a lot next year in the USA. I really hope that my fans will come to meet me. I invite you to check my official website and my blog to know everything about me and watch my new scenes! And donít forget to check out Digital Playgroundís Body Heat.


Katsuni Interview 2008 Free Ones, perhaps the best collection of galleries, video clips and other stuff on the web.

Buy Katsuniís Movies at DVD Empire

Digital Playgroundís Katsuni had to change her name this past year for legal reasons. That is behind her and with the simple swap of a single consonant she is back doing what she does best. But one has to wonder. How does such a small girl fit such big things in her butt? And does her ass really taste like strawberries?

INTERVIEW: Katsuni 2008

dpbanner Interview: Katsuni

Alright, itís starting to get loud. The show is getting loud. Weíre here with Katsuni?


And the name change is official now?

Yes. Unfortunately, I lost my trial and had to change one letter, which is stupid. But Iím still the same woman, anyway! (She laughs)

New name, same woman, keep rolling right on. And you are a Digital Playground contract girl for a little over a year now, yes?


Which means that you get to be part of the biggest movie of 2008, ďPirates 2.Ē


Have you seen it?

Yes, I saw it. I think itís amazing. Itís not just porn anymore, itís more than porn. Itís beautiful. Itís crazy to make something so ambitious, and Iím very proud to be in the second part.

Good. Do you know your part yet?

Yes. I donít have the script yet. I will have the script in a few days. I didnít stop to say, ĎJoone, please give me the script because I want to know what Iím doing because I want to do my best!í So I will have the script in a few days. I know that I have a big part in the movie. I play a very bad pirate, which is great, because I didnít want to be a nice girl. (She laughs) So itís interesting. I just worked with Joone, and he told me I was a very charismatic character. Iím going to fight a lot with a sword, so itís great, because of course Iím going to enjoy my scenes. Iím going to act a lot, and itís going to be a lot of fun. Iím doing my first scene with Jesse Jane target=Ē_newĒ>Digital Playground.

So you get to have a major acting role, do a lot of fighting and work with Jesse Jane target=Ē_newĒ>Digital Playground?

Yes! Weíll need a lot of energy for this movie. (She laughs)

So are you doing special sword-fighting classes?

Yes. Well, not yet. I didnít train yet. I will train when I get back to LA.

That should be fun, right?


Everybody loves to fight.

I love to fight. Itís very funny. (She laughs)

Excellent. Now you mentioned that you were directing now?

Yes. Iíve wanted to do it for many years, but I wasnít ready. I didnít have confidence. I didnít know my stuff, and I didnít have the time. But now, Iím more organized in my scenes for Digital Playground, I have featured danced in Europe, so more time to produce not so much. But more time to focus. My goal is to direct and produce my own scenes. Iím starting very slowly, like with my website, It will be online very soon, and Iím starting with smaller things, like beautiful girls that I like doing scenes with me and without me.

Thatís great. So youíre going to be shooting some scenes with you and some scenes without you?


Do you have some girls in mind that you would like to shoot?

I would like to shoot Paola Rey. She is one of the most beautiful girls. She is very classy and has a good personality. And because I donít want to shoot only beautiful girls without chemistry, her and maybe Sophia Santi, if she wants. Even if she doesnít do boy/girl, I donít know yet. And of course Sasha Grey. I want to shoot Sasha Grey!

Now, youíve done some hardcore gonzo scenes, and of course youíre a beautiful woman. Are you searching for that same kind of sensibility, a beautiful woman who can be nasty when she needs to be?

Yes. I think that this is the direction for porn in general, nasty scenes with beautiful girls. And this is what I want to do, find girls who are good looking and willing to be nasty. But Iím not looking for performers to do scenes where itís Ďdun-dun-dun-dun.í Itís like youíre running for a competition, and I donít think itís sexy. Maybe itís sexy for men. For me, when you have sex, you want to enjoy, you want appreciate, you want to take pleasure. Fast and hard is not always the best way. So, it will be nasty, but not too strong. It depends on the performer, too. Sasha is naturally very strong, so I will let her do what she wants.

You have two new contract girls. Weíve got Stoya and Adriana. Have you worked with either of them yet?

Yes, I worked with Stoya. It was her first scene for Digital Playground.

Was it ďDeeper?Ē

No, I donít think so. I donít think itís out on DVD yet.

So, what was she like?

Sheís very cute. In fact, she doesnít look like a porn star.

Not at all.

She looks like she could be a ballet dancer. Which is funny, because Adriana Lynn was a ballet dancer. I think Stoya looks more like a ballet dancer. Very skinny and feminine. Sheís very shy. When you talk to her, she becomes red, and itís very cool. Very cute and very charming. She brings something else to Digital Playground because sheís not a bimbo and sheís very feminine. Iím glad sheís in the company.

And of course, Adriana Lynn, who is right next to us.

Adriana is very hot!

Adriana is beautiful.

She has the perfect body in place to do this job. When you look at her, you think ĎSex.í

Yeah, it isnít hard.

I donít know her yet.

But you will soon, right?


Now, you do your first scene with Jesse Jane target=Ē_newĒ>Digital Playground in ďPirates 2,Ē right?

Yes! It will be my first scene.

What about Shay?

I didnít work with Shay. Itís crazy! When I signed with Digital, I told them all of my favorite girls, including Shay, but Iíve never worked with her.

So, youíve only worked with Stoya.

Yeah, only with Stoya.

We gotta get you going with the other three girls.

Yeah! Itís not fair. I signed the contract with them and donít get to enjoy the girls. (She laughs)

You donít get sex with them any more than we do!

(She laughs)

Thatís not fair. Youíre a contract girl. You should get them.

I know.

What about all three at once? Jesse, Shay and Adriana all at once? Or just Jesse?

About Jesse, I canít wait for the scene with her, because she has so much energy. Sheís very sexual, sheís very expressive. Itís like a challenge, to do a scene with her. I think it will looking amazing, because we are so different. It will be something very special. Sheís fun. And this is what I like about her. Sheís a big star and she laughs all the time.

Youíre still doing boy/girl.

Yes! Of course. (She laughs)

Who are your current favorite guys to work with?

My favorite performer will always be Manuel Ferrara, because he is the most passionate. Jean Valjean is no longer in the business, and thatís very sad because he was fun. Tommy Gunn is very good, and weíll be working together for ďPirates 2.Ē

Thatís right. Heís also a bad pirate.


Heíll be back. Now, in the first ďPirates,Ē the bad guy was played by Janine.


So now youíll be taking over that role. Do you think youíll be able to bring the same kind of energy that Janine brought?

It will be a different energy. We are all different. It was interesting to have her, because she had so much experience, but Iím not her. So I will bring my energy. I donít yet, but I can tell you that I will do my best, and I feel like I can bring a lot to this movie. I give 100 percent of myself and this time, I will give 200 percent. I donít think people can compare her to me, because we are too different.

Is this the most acting youíve had to do for a script?

In France and Italy, I did a lot of dialogue.

Do you like acting, or would you prefer to just do a scene?

I like both. To just do scenes is great, but I need to make my brain work. And to act is such a different pleasure, because you can be somebody else, I really like it. To mix both for me is perfect.

Okay. Do you have a website we can promote?

My website with hot girls scenes, which is, will be up soon. I have a new blog, which is My own official website, which is and my MySpace, which is Iím doing a new MySpace soon. Whoa! (She laughs)

So you have lots of websites.

Yes! (She laughs)

Katsuni Complete Filmography:

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Hip Hop SexNonStop 2 Colmax 2002
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Strano Natale di Mastrociccio Mario Salieri Entertainment Group 2002
Amazone Sex Metro 2003
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Barely Legal 39 Hustler Video 2003
Biggz And The Beauties 3 New Sensations 2003
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Campus Confessions 7 Hustler Video 2003
Campus Confessions 8 Hustler Video 2003
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Crack Her Jack 2 Evil Angel 2003
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Double Play 1 New Sensations 2003
Dripping Wet Pink 4 Simon Wolf 2003
Dual Identity Vivid 2003
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InfirmiŤres de Charme Video Marc Dorcel 2003
Initiations 14 Anabolic Video 2003
Katsumi's Affair Wicked Pictures 2003
Lessons In Lust 2 New Sensations 2003
Lewd Conduct 18 Diabolic Video 2003
Me Luv U Long Time 4 Red Light District 2003
Multiple POV 1 Red Light District 2003
Personal Taboo Astral Ocean Cinema 2003
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Show Must Go On X Level 2003
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There's Something About Jack 29 West Coast Productions 2003
Tight and Asian 3 Devil's Film 2003
Tits And Ass 4 Devil's Film 2003
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2 Dicks In 1 Chick 7 New Sensations 2004
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Jack's Anal Initiations 1 West Coast Productions 2004
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Jonni Darkko's Anal Perversions 3 Digital Sin 2004
Lex Steele XXX 3 Mercenary Pictures 2004
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Love Dat Asian Pussy 2 West Coast Productions 2004
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