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Diamond Foxxx
Diamond Foxxx

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Born: 1/5/1973
Aliases: Diamond, Lauren

Birth Name: Stephanie Woodcock
Country of Origin: United States TX - Texas
Place of Birth: Dallas
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Height: 162 cm - 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 47 kg - 103 lbs
Measurements: 32G-24-36
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Start: 2004
Shoe Size: 5.5
Fan Club Address: Diamond Foxxx, 7740 Balboa Blvd #142, Van Nuys, CA 91406

Mini Biography

Diamond Foxxx was born in Albany, Georgia, into a military family--her father was in the Navy and her mother was a Marine. The oldest of three children--her parents had two sons after they retired from the military--she moved with her family to Virginia. She joined the Navy, but less than a year later was discharged from the service because of "sexual misconduct". Not bitter over her dismissal from the navy, she turned her love of sex into something profitable after meeting her second husband and moving to Key West, Florida. Her venture into the porn industry came from a need to finance her career in real estate, which was her job prior to entering the entertainment business. In 2004, already in her early 30s, she began her porn career, working for Naughty America in its series entitled "My First Sex Teacher". She vanished from the business for nearly two and a half years, however, due to contracting cervical cancer. Once she recovered from the hysterectomy, she returned with stronger performance quality than before and described herself as a "real sex-crazed MILF". Her enthusiasm for the business she loves only grows stronger, as does her beauty in her later years. She is most commonly featured in MILF-based films, often in the roles of either a teacher, mother or office worker. Her work can be seen in Naughty America and Brazzers, two companies that frequently produce MILF-styled films.
Notes: Interests include playing Texas Hold 'em, quilting and sewing. Prior to entering the erotic film industry, she worked in real estate. Her career now as a performer came from her wanting to finance her real estate holdings.


By Steve DiLodovico | Smutlife

With a name like Diamond Foxxx, one can only imagine the beauty that this elegantly filthy MILF exudes. Sheís a busty blonde with killer curves and a wild side whoís not afraid to get down and dirty. Actually, thatís how she likes it. The rougher the better. Believe it or not, this vixen describes herself as having been ďvery shyĒ before she got in front of the camera, but she has more than made up for it with a ton of scorching scenes. Now that her inner harlot has been unleashed, Diamond has hit the ground running with a series of featured roles in films such as The Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody, MILF Memoirs 3-D the upcoming Wonder Woman XXX parody. Smutlife recently caught up with the alluring Ms. Foxxx just as she was wakingÖ

SL: So tell us about yourself.

DF: I did my very first porn video back in 2004. I got into it originally to make money for my real estate business. I went out to California, did my first scene with the intention of just getting a few thousand bucks together and then leaving, but I quickly figured out that it doesnít happen that way. I stuck around for about a year and then I left and worked on my real estate ventures. I did very well with those and I got bored sitting home and doing nothing so I decided to come back out to California and started shooting porn full time again. And I wouldnít have it any other way.

SL: Do you enjoy what youíre doing?

DF: I love what Iím doing! Itís going to be very difficult when the camera tells me ĎOK Diamond, youíre getting a little too old for this.

SL: What about producing and directing when that time comes?

DF: You know, Iím actually directing and producing a video right now and God knows Iíve been working on it forever. I often ask myself what am Iím going to do when I am not in front of the camera anymore. Iíve got to tell you: putting up with some of these girls is not as much fun as it may seem. I donít have the patience for it. I donít know what Iím going to do, but itís definitely going to have something to do with some kind of nudity and sex and stuff. I just donít know exactly what just yet.

SL: What are some of the headaches you deal with as a producer/director?

DF: Well, weíre dealing with porn people. So, you have to get the porn people (usually the girls) up out of bed and on the set when theyíre supposed to be there. Being a cool person, Iíve always had 11AM calls, as opposed to 8AM so we can all sleep late. Usually thereís the one person in a multi-person sex scene that doesnít show up and everybodyís scrambling to find somebody to replace them. Then the second person shows up and theyíre on their period and nobody wants to work with them and thereís a bunch of girl/girl interactions. I have one camera person that Iíve consistently used and he does predominantly mainstream work so heís got one idea and heís got a totally different idea and I have to keep pulling him off to the side and say ĎHellooooooÖ I shoot porn all day and you shoot regular people all day. Let me tell you what weíre gonna do.í Then you have to deal with the people editing it. They want to edit it one way and you have a completely different idea of how you want it edited. They completely chop it up. I did one scene with Phoenix and James Deen and it was absolutely incredible; I couldnít wait to see it. The editor finished and sent it to me and I thought I was going to kill myself. He butchered the whole scene. Itís all this little stuff. Regular people have no idea what goes on behind that finished product. Sometimes it can be an absolute nightmare and God bless the people who have the patience to do it. I have no patience whatsoever!

SL: Tell us about the project youíre producing and directing right now.

DF: Itíll be doneÖ I keep saying Ďany day now,í but seriously: it should be done any day now. Itíll be called Sibling Rivalry. Iím starring in it playing Diamond Foxxx and a character called Annie Dickado and she is my long-lost twin sister. The only difference between her and I is that sheís a dumb, country brunette and Iím a blonde with somewhat of a brain. Annie does all kinds of filthy, dirty things. Itís going to be really cool. Annie does a double penetration scene, which sheís never done before. She does an Ďanal creampieĎ too. Ron Jeremy is also in the movie. Weíre editing right now and weíre just about finishing it all up.

SL: I see youíre also up for a couple of awards.

DF: Yeah, Iíve gotten some recognition, but I havenít won anything yet. But Iím working on it. Iím nominated a lot, so people know that Iím out there, which makes me feel good. I got nominated for ĎBest MILFĎ by Nightmoves and they are out of Tampa. Itís all fan-based, so I need as many fans as possible to go vote for me at

SL: What kind of stuff are you into outside of porn?

DF: Iím usually feature-dancing in cities across the country and on the days in between I love to play Texas Hold ĎEm. I even like to make quilts!

SL: I canít picture you making quilts.

DF: (Laughs). Sometimes Iíll break it out on the airplane. If I have a long flight Iíll bring it with me. People are dumbfounded, especially the guys. When they see this hot chick sitting there sewing with a needle and thread theyíre like Ďwhat the hell?í

SL: Your scenes are pretty intense. What do like to do in a scene?

DF: Iím definitely not submissive. Iíve shown up to a couple of places where Iím supposed to be submissive and it never works out. I like aggressive sex scenes; I donít like your regular, everyday, normal sex because the guys at home get everyday, normal sex. They donít want that. Iím getting better. Itís even taken me a little bit of time to come out of my shell, but Iím getting there. I like girl/girl, as long as the other girl like pussy. If she doesnít like it I donít want to have anything to do with it. I feel like Iím molesting someone. But with guys, you canít molest them! Theyíll take anything they can get, which I love. When it becomes work, I donít want to be there. It has to be enjoyable for everybody involved. Once they turn those cameras on and tell us to start screwing Iím all over it. I want to have a good time doing it.

SL: Have you gotten to live out all your fantasies on camera or is there stuff you are still hoping to do?

DF: Goodness gracious I have lived out every fantasy and then some! Growing up my biggest fantasy was always to have sex on a toilet. Iím assuming itís because I always used to masturbate on the toilet. So Iíve done that several times. Even off camera I like to do that. Iíve done the two guy thing several times on camera and as much as I love it itís still a lot of work. Iíve never done it off camera, so one of these days Iíll try it and see if itís easier.

SL: How much does your onscreen sex life overlap with your private love life?

DF: They donít really intersect at all. I am married and in a monogamous relationship. Weíre not swingers or anything. But my work has definitely improved our sex life 2000%. Now Iím a lot more open to experimenting and trying new things. If Iím on set and I like something then I can bring it home and try it. Just in general: I used to be really shy and extremely conservative with sex. Not anymoreÖ

SL: What broke you out of the conservatism?

DF: Porn. Definitely. I went from never having sex to being in front of a room full of people having sex and having to perform and be the best that I could be.

SL: Whatís coming up for Diamond Foxxx?

DF: A lot. The Wonder Woman parody is till being edited and I am very excited for that to come out. Tori Black plays Wonder Woman and I got to be her mother. I always wanted to work with her; sheís just such an incredible girl. I am very eager to see it. Iíve done some anal scenes for Brazzers recently and theyíre coming out soon. Iím also getting ready to shoot a big movie for Wicked with Stormy Daniels when I get back home from this feature gig. That movie is going to be called Chat Room. Oh, and if it ever gets finished, my own Sibling Rivalry will be coming out soon. Big things are coming up (and I donít want to give anything away just yet) with that are going to make my fans extremely happy. Stay tuned for details!

Diamond Foxxx Complete Filmography:

Amateur Angels 17 Fallen Angel 2004
Big Wet Tits 1 Elegant Angel 2004
Diary of an Orgy Vivid 2004
MILF Seeker 2 Pink Visual 2004
Nasty Little Stripper Girls Baby Doll 2004
Pussy Party 5 CSI 2004
Space 2077 Nectar Entertainment 2004
Welcome To The Valley 1 Nectar Entertainment 2004
Wife Swappers Baby Doll 2004
Dirty Little Trash Talkers Cherry Boxxx 2005
Fahrenheit 69: The Porn For Kerry DVD Avant Progress 2005
Girls Hunting Girls 6 CinemaPlay 2005
Shapin It No Boundaries 2005
Miami Maidens 10 Platinum Blue Productions 2006
Appetite for Dysfunction Back End Productions 2007
Chasey's MILF Centerfolds Baby Doll 2007
Cum Scene Investigation 1 Pink Visual 2007
Your Mom 2 American Hardcore 2007
Big Tit Pole Dancers Baby Doll 2008
Big Tits at Work 3 Brazzers 2008
Big Tits Round Asses 8 Bang Productions 2008
Busty Bang Sessions Score 2008
MILF Soup 7 Bang Productions 2008
MILF Soup 8 Bang Productions 2008
30 Love Wicked Pictures 2009
30+ Sluts Evil Angel 2009
Big Titty Workout 2 Lethal Hardcore 2009
Boob Bangers 6 Evil Angel 2009
Busty Housewives Baby Doll 2009
Busty Office MILFs 1 3rd Degree 2009
Busty Slut Expo Score 2009
Butt Dialed Jules Jordan Video 2009
Captured to be a Gay Cum Bucket Venus Girls Productions 2009
CFNM Secret 2 Pulse Distribution 2009
Cheating Wives Tales 14 New Sensations 2009
College Guide to MILFs Shane's World 2009
Cougar 101 Wicked Pictures 2009
Couples Seeking Teens 2 Mile High 2009
Desperate MILFs and Housewives 8 Pink Visual 2009
Double D Housewives 3 Exquisite 2009
Freaks of Boobs 1 JM Productions 2009
Fuck My Mom And Me 8 Lethal Hardcore 2009
Honey, I Forced You Bi Venus Girls Productions 2009
In the Butt 3 Naughty America 2009
It's a Mommy Thing 5 Elegant Angel 2009
King Dong 3 Muffia 2009
M Is For MILF 2 Exquisite 2009
MILF Internal 8 Pure Play Media 2009
Mommy Blows Best Overboard Video 2009
Mommy Got Boobs 4 Brazzers 2009
Mommy Knows Best Venus Girls Productions 2009
Moms Gone Wild 5 Exquisite 2009
Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 7 Girlfriends Films 2009
My First Sex Teacher 19 Naughty America 2009
My Friend's Hot Mom 19 Pure Play Media 2009
POV Jugg Fuckers 2 Evil Angel 2009
Seduced by a Cougar 10 Pure Play Media 2009
True G.F.E. POV Vouyer Media 2009
Big Bust Cougars Penthouse 2010
Big Tit Crackers Evil Angel 2010
Big Tit Mother Fuckers Diabolic Video 2010
Big Tits Boss 10 Pulse Distribution 2010
Bitches Who... Force Hubby Bi 9 Venus Girls Productions 2010
Boom Boom Flick 1 Justin Slayer International 2010
Bossy MILFs 2 Lethal Hardcore 2010
Bossy MILFs 4 Hustler Video 2010
Busty Maids Zero Tolerance 2010
CFNM Secret 4 Reality Kings 2010
Chatroom Wicked Pictures 2010
Cougar Street Digital Playground 2010
Cougar Tales 3 Pink Visual 2010
Cougars of Boobsville Adam & Eve 2010
Cougar's Prey 2 Mile High 2010
Country Club Cougars Wicked Pictures 2010
Couples Bang The Babysitter 3 Lethal Hardcore 2010
Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 4 Jules Jordan Video 2010
Divorcee Smash Pictures 2010
Doctor 7 Brazzers 2010
Double D-Licious Pulse Distribution 2010
Filthy Family 1 Mile High 2010
Fly Girls Digital Playground 2010
Forced Bi Extravaganza Venus Girls Productions 2010
Fucking Machines: Diamond Foxxx 2010
Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody New Sensations 2010
Golden Globes 2 Zero Tolerance 2010
Happier Endings Pulse Pictures 2010
Housewife 1 on 1 16 Pure Play Media 2010
I Came in Your Mom 3 Zero Tolerance 2010
Kittens and Cougars 2 Zero Tolerance 2010
Kittens and Their MILF 3rd Degree 2010
MILF Blown 2 Exquisite 2010
MILF Memoirs New Sensations 2010
MILF Strap: Give Mommy Your Ass Evil Angel 2010
Mommy X-Perience 1 Evil Angel 2010
Monster Tits 5 Exquisite 2010
Mother Load 6 Zero Tolerance 2010
My First MILF 2 Adam & Eve 2010
Naughty or Nice 1 2010
Naughty or Nice 2 2010
Nude Roommate Digital Playground 2010
Official To Catch a Predator Parody 2 Zero Tolerance 2010
POV Jugg Fuckers 3 Evil Angel 2010
Sex and the City: The Original XXX Parody Digital Sin 2010
Sex Broker Vivid 2010
Substitute Digital Playground 2010
Threesomes Pure Play Media 2010
Trust Justice 6 Justin Slayer International 2010
Wonder Woman XXX: A Hardcore Parody Mile High 2010
You Fucked My Mommy's Big Titties Juicy Entertainment 2010
Your Hot Mom Bluebird Films 2010
Your Mom Tossed My Salad 5 Lethal Hardcore 2010
Babysitters Gone Bad Wicked Pictures 2011
Cherry 1 Digital Playground 2011
Cherry 2 Digital Playground 2011
Cougars Kittens and Cock Jules Jordan Video 2011
Couples Seeking Teens 6 Mile High 2011
Cruel MILF Evil Angel 2011
Fuck Team 5 15 Bang Productions 2011
Here Cums the President Good Night Media 2011
I Screwed the Pizza Guy 4 Pulse Distribution 2011
Manuel Ferrara Is a MILF Whore Digital Sin 2011
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