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Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox

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Born: 12/3/1951
Aliases: Sally Mane, Sammatha Fox, Semantha Fox, Stasia Burgoff, Moran Moore

Birthplace: New York, NY
Years Active: 1976-1985 (Started around 25 years old)
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown
Height 5 feet, 1 inches (155 cm)

Not to be confused with 80's pop star with the exact name, Samantha Fox was of of the all time great porn stars. This Samantha Fox was a gorgeous brown-haired nympho who was in over 100 movies between 1978 and 1984, making herself a top starlet in the biz. Samantha was a breath-taking, stunning, pretty-faced hottie, with a lovely smile and tight body. Samantha was one of the wildest of her time and just one look at one of her vids and thats all you need to see. Samantha was born in New York City, studying ballet and dancing in school. She was dancing profesiionally in the New York scene fresh out of high school. In 78' Chuck Vincent cast Samantha in 'Bad Penny,' and she was on her way. In the next couple years she grew as a performer and actress. She left the business in the mid 80's for reasons unknown, possibly to explore other avenues.


Samantha Fox Complete Filmography:

6 Faces Of Samantha AVC 1984
Afternoon Delights Caballero Home Video 1980
Amanda by Night 1 Caballero Home Video 1981
Angie Undercover Cop Alpha Blue Archives 1979
Auto Erotic Practices VCR 1979
Babe Arrow Productions 1981
Babes in Joyland Command Video 1987
Babylon Gold Command Video 1983
Babylon Pink Command Video 1979
Bad Penny Video-X-Pix 1978
Behind the Scenes of an Adult Movie Metro 1984
Best of Male Domination 2: Men in Control Bizarre Video 1986
Beyond the Blue S&L Video 1980
Bizarre Thunder Ribu Video 1984
Blonde in Black Silk Quality-X-Video 1979
Blue Ecstasy Caballero Home Video 1980
Blue Magic Video-X-Pix 1981
Blue Vanities 66 Blue Vanities 1988
Blue Vanities S-630 Blue Vanities 2000
Blue Voodoo Vidco Entertainment 1978
Bon Appetit Video-X-Pix 1980
BurleXXX VCA 1984
Candi Girl VCX 1979
Captives Bizarre Video 1981
Centerfold Fever Video-X-Pix 1981
Chastity Kidd Command Video 1983
Coed Fever Caballero Home Video 1980
Compromising Positions Unknown
Corruption VCA 1983
Critic's Choice 2 Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1984
Dallas Schoolgirls Video-X-Pix 1981
Devil in Miss Jones 2 VCA 1982
Dinner With Samantha TGA Video 1983
Dirty Looks VCA 1982
Dixie Ray Hollywood Star Caballero Home Video 1983
Double Your Pleasure Metro 1978
Dr. Love VCA 1976
Dracula Exotica VCA 1980
Eighth Erotic Film Festifal Unknown 1984
Erotic Fantasies 2 Metro 1983
Erotic Fantasies 6 Metro 1984
Erotic Fantasies 7 Metro 1984
Erotic Gold 2 Ventura 1985
Erotic World of Vanessa VCR 1981
Fascination Video-X-Pix 1980
Filthy Rich Caballero Home Video 1981
Foxtrot Command Video 1982
Foxy Boxing AVC 1982
French Kiss Pipeline Video Company 1979
Games Women Play Caballero Home Video 1980
Girl Like That Visual Entertainment 1977
Girl's Best Friend Video-X-Pix 1981
Girls USA Pipeline Video Company 1980
Girls Who Dig Girls 1 Wet Video 1986
Her Name Was Lisa VCA 1979
Here Comes the Bride Metro 1978
Honey Throat Metro 1980
Honeysuckle Rose Caballero Home Video 1981
Hot Ones Superior 1984
In Love VCA 1983
Irresistible TVX 1982
It's Called Murder Baby Lima Productions 1982
Jack and Jill 1 VCA 1979
Jack and Jill 2 VCA 1984
Legends Of Porn 1 Metro 1987
Legends Of Porn 3 Metro 1991
Liquid Assets Caballero Home Video 1982
Loophole Unknown 1981
Love Syndrome Metro 1979
Love-In Arrangement Video-X-Pix 1981
Luscious Video-X-Pix 1982
Lysa Thatcher: the Teenage Years Gourmet Video Collection 2007
Marlene's World Unknown 1977
Midnight Blue 1 Unknown 1980
Mystique Caballero Home Video 1979
Nasty Nurses VCR 1982
Nurses Are Coming VCR 1979
October Silk Command Video 1980
Odyssey VCX 1977
Once Upon a Secretary Gourmet Video Collection 1983
Only The Best 2 Metro 1989
Outlaw Ladies 1 VCA 1981
Penetration 2 AVC 1984
People Video-X-Pix 1978
Physical Select-a-tape 1981
Pink Ladies VCA 1980
Platinum Paradise Command Video 1980
Playgirl Essex Video / Electric Hollywood 1982
Pleasure Productions 1 VCR 1980
Porn Stars At Play VCA 1980
Princess Seka VCA 1980
Prized Possessions VCX 1978
Pussycat Ranch Metro 1978
Robin's Nest Caballero Home Video 1980
Roommates Video-X-Pix 1981
Samantha Fox Collection Alpha Blue Archives 2005
Samantha Fox's Fantasies VCR 1980
Satin Suite Video-X-Pix 1979
Secrets Of Seka Black Triangle Video 1980
Seduction of Cindy VCA 1980
Sizzle Video-X-Pix 1979
Sizzle with Samantha Superior 1982
Spitfire Command Video 1984
Strokin' to the Oldies: Seka VCA 2004
Summertime Blue VCX 1979
Super Seka Unknown 1985
Swedish Erotica 43 Caballero Home Video 1982
Swedish Sorority Girls Metro 1980
Sweet Surrender VCX 1980
Sweethearts Electric Hollywood 1986
Tale of Tiffany Lust TVX 1981
Tara Tara Tara Tara VCA 1981
That Lucky Stiff Video-X-Pix 1980
Tiffany Minx Gourmet Video Collection 1981
Tigresses and Other Man-Eaters Video-X-Pix 1979
Tramp Metro 1980
Undercovers Caballero Home Video 1982
Vanessa Del Rio Collection: Vol 2 Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Vanessa Del Rio: Latina Goddess VCA 2006
Vanessa Del Rio's Fantasies VCR 1981
Vanessa's Anal Fiesta Alpha Blue Archives 2004
Wanda Whips Wall Street Video-X-Pix 1981
Woman in Love Caballero Home Video 1978
Working Girls Superior 1982

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