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Sharon Mitchell
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Sharon Mitchell

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Born: 1/18/1956
Aliases: Ms Sharon Mitchell, Miss Sharon Mitchell

Country of Origin: United States United States NJ - New Jersey
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 165 cm - 5 feet and 5 inches
Measurements: 34B-24-35
Career Status: Retired

Sharon Mitchell is the Director of the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, which she set up in 1998. She used to be an erotic actress, with a porn career spanning over two decades. She appeared in 643 films and directed 29. Winner of AVN Award 1984: Best Actress - Film.She also won
1982 CAFA Best Supporting Actress for Blue Jeans
1983 CAFA Best Actress for Sexcapades
1983 CAFA Best Supporting Actress for Night Hunger
1984 AVN Best Actress - Film for Sexcapades

On March 30, 1996, she was attacked and raped by a stalker who almost killed her. After that incident, she briefly left the sex industry, only to return to make sporadic appearances until she eventually retired permanently in 2003, and earned a Ph.D. in human sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality


More than a Clinical Sexpert: An Interview with Sharon Mitchell, Ph.D.
By SexHerald Staff

How many times have we admired the James Deans of the world—too cool to have a cause—from afar and often sighed and wondered how life seems to just flow with them. You couldn’t tell from the title, but Dr. Sharon Mitchell has built her life and adult career just doing that—from being a rebel—though, it’s less romantic than in the movies.

In a last-ditch effort to “get out of the house,” a young Dr. Mitchell (or “Dr. Mitch” to acquaintances) pursued a theatrical acting career in New York which eventually landed her in the adult entertainment sector. Foreseeing a ceiling by staying in the industry, Dr. Mitchell then proceeded to obtain a doctorate in human sexuality, founding the AIM Healthcare Foundation in resultant, making the porn industry that much safer (meaning more porn for the consumers—that’s you, the readers.) Who else can claim to be that noble?

Hardly the typical saint, SexHerald caught up with Dr. Mitchell as she was recovering from her brand-new boobs. Rebels are hardly ones to be fazed by life’s obstacles but to see what makes this phenomenal woman tick, read on.

SexHerald: I understand you recently had your boobs done. Why did you decide to have your breasts augmented now at age 50 instead of, say, at 25?

Dr. Sharon Mitchell: Number one being I’ve always liked my breasts. I’ve always liked the way my body looked. I didn’t have any real reason to get them done before. The fact is, they just started going a little bit south and I’m vain—just like anyone else. When I look in the mirror, I still want to see that 25-year-old porn star. I know that’s not possible. However, I’m really in great shape and I work out and I eat well. I just thought, ‘You know; now it’ll probably be a good time to get a boob job. It makes sense.’ Give them a little lift and definition this time in my life; it’s a good thing.

SH: How far up did you go?

Dr. Mitchell: I went up two cups. I was a 34B and now I’m a 34D.

SH: So, you started off as an off-Broadway actress and traveled with the Martha Graham company. Why did you decide to be a part of adult entertainment?

Dr. Mitchell: I was also working in television and movies. I was in the movie Cruisin’, I was in The Deer Hunter, I had some commercial work as well; I was working on a soap opera at the time. And my agent, she booked porn movies on the side. It was a really great way to make extra money back then. There was no video back then. You literally had to walk into a movie theater.

Excuse me, my macaw is screaming in the background. [laughs] I’m not torturing anyone. I have a very large macaw, Boo, who gets very jealous when I’m on the phone.

SH: Is that the only pet you have?

Dr. Mitchell: No, actually. I have Boo, I’ve got a kitty cat, I’ve got two Bouvier des Flandres dogs and two raccoons that I feed that are wild that come see me every day, six squirrels and a flock of wild birds that I feed, along with having birds.

SH: Wow. Why do you have so many “pets?”

Dr. Mitchell: I always feed the animals around home where I live. I think it’s a good practice to be Zen. You know, just to sort of make harmony in the neighborhood with the wild animals. So every morning I feed the wild animals, at night I feed the opossums and the raccoons.

SH: Going back to the previous topic, go into detail on why you joined adult entertainment.

Dr. Mitchell: It was a good way to make extra money. It was a great way to say ‘fuck you’ to the Catholic Church and my parents at the same time. I always liked my body. I was sexually open from a very young age. I started having sex with my girlfriend and boyfriend at a very young age.

Back then it was a lot different, though. These were actual productions where they kept 2-3 weeks to shoot, they shot on film, you had to wait a year for your movie to come out, you’d go to the premiere; it was very, very glamorous.

SH: Why did you decide to leave?

Dr. Mitchell: It was time. I think I had been in porn 10 years more than I wanted. I started in 1975, I left in ’95 to ’96. So, I had a good 20-21 years in front of the camera… The work was coming less and less. I was producing and directing for about 10 years; I didn’t like that. The industry had changed so much; I had just kind of lost my fascination with the industry. I had witnessed every change in the industry that there possibly could have been. I worked and traveled all around the world dancing as well, as a feature and a stripper. So, I had pretty much run the gambit… I was 38 years old and I never had a long-term goal in my life. When you work in any kind of entertainment industry, if you work on the same thing for more than 12 weeks, it’s an oddity. So I thought, ‘I’d be a doctor.’ I started school, got my doctorate and helping a lot of people.

SH: What did you write your thesis on?

Dr. Mitchell: I wrote my thesis on the AIM Foundation and the monitoring by using polymerase chain reaction testing in a controlled population. I really kind of put this test on the map in the United States. I chose this test because it tests for the inhibitory substance. So, just 10 days after exposure it will detect HIV. Also, if someone had HIV for a while and is on antiretroviral therapy, it’s going to pick that up as well. It’s a very good test for monitoring. The industry really needed a change.

There was a well-known actor—someone that I had, indeed, had worked with—who had HIV, and he was knowingly and willfully spreading HIV to women. I discovered this and uncovered it and that’s how I started the monitoring process. In the beginning, late 1997, early 1998, the program was funded by the Free Speech Coalition. Then I went on to start the AIM Healthcare Foundation in 1998.

SH: AIM is based out of California—there are two locations there. I live on the East Coast. How would I be able to get tested using the PCR-DNA test?

Dr. Mitchell: Actually, all you’ll need to do is go to a LabCorp®. You log onto AIM, pay online, and go to any local LabCorp®—we partnered up with Laboratory Corporation of America—get your blood drawn, and we provide your results within 48 hours.

SH: How many porn stars come in to get tested at the California locations?

Dr. Mitchell: Two thousand a month. We also have scholarship programs. We do a lot of research that I’ve been working on in this population in terms of background, stereotypes, spirituality. My doctorate has enabled me to partner up with a lot of universities. People have this myth that everyone comes from a broken home, they were abused, and this is not an occupation of choice; that people serve the last job on the line. That’s not true. We’re getting ready to release that research and I’m excited about that.

SH: Sounds great. Going back to the events that shaped your life, how would you describe yourself sexually?

Dr. Mitchell: I’m bisexual. The first person I had sex with was a woman, then I was also in a relationship with a woman for five years as well.

SH: What about men? When did you think you weren’t just a lesbian but bisexual?

Dr. Mitchell: I was with men about a year after I was with women. I enjoy being with men as well. I’ve just always been a very sexual person. I wrestled with my sexual identity when I was younger. ‘Am I gay? Am I straight? What am I?’ After a while, I just decided I am what I am and I didn’t really have to make up my mind and put a label on it just to be happy. I’ve just been very fortunate that I’ve had lots of great lovers in my life—both male and female, personally AND professionally.

SH: How did your family take your open view on sexuality?

Dr. Mitchell: Actually, they didn’t take it that bad—oddly enough. I would bring home pansexuals, women, men… my family quickly got used to the idea that I was definitely a sexual being. The people I was involved in were always very sweet and very nice to my family.

SH: Do you have any siblings?

Dr. Mitchell: No, I do not. I was adopted from an orphanage at a very young age.

SH: How old were you when you were adopted?

Dr. Mitchell: Two months.

SH: Have you ever sought out your biological parents?

Dr. Mitchell: No, actually, I never have wanted to but right now I’ve been writing a book and I’m kind of thinking about doing it, because I’ve never done it and I think it would be a nice piece for the book. But I really have no overwhelming urge or issues surrounding that, i.e. I don’t fit in anywhere and so on and so forth.

I feel like I’m with my family. My family would celebrate the day that I was adopted just as much as they would celebrate my birthday. I had always known I was adopted. We had always looked at it as a good thing. And, there are over 10 children adopted throughout my entire family structure. My aunts and uncles and cousins; a lot of them were also adopted. My family has adopted children from all over the world. So, I was kind of used to being around a multicultural [setting].

SH: Where were you raised?

Dr. Mitchell: A farm in New Jersey. Then I moved to New York City when I was 17. I was pursuing theater and the arts. I was emancipated; I got married at 17. I really just did this to get out of the house. I don’t really think I was in love with my first husband. He wasn’t very nice. At about six months, I just said ‘Okay, fuck this,’ and I moved to New York. I got an annulment and that was that.

SH: When did you move to California?

Dr. Mitchell: The move to California came strictly because of the industry. The industry really moved out when the video boom came in about 1982. I then moved to San Francisco and then later on to Los Angeles and to the beach. I’ve never lived on the beach and I’ve always wanted to, so I got a house on the beach.

SH: Do you ever miss New York?

Dr. Mitchell: Oh, yeah. I go back to New York three times a year. I see my family and my friends. I miss it but I couldn’t live there. I was a punk rocker, I was in a rock ‘n roll band and a series of rock bands in the mid-70s, and I was doing porn. And I had such a wonderful late teens, early 20s in New York. I don’t think any other time would compare with that. It was just amazing. I was a little movie star, I had lots of money, I had great clothes, I was in rock band, I was doing porn, I had the most wonderful life anyone could possible imagine. [laughs] I don’t think I can ever duplicate that time in New York and I always want to remember it fondly. Besides, I’m married now and my husband and I are also very happy here in California.

I got married in South Africa by a sangoma, a female witch doctor, in South Africa. Also, we had a representative of South Africa from the States so it would be a recognized marriage here in the U.S. as well. It was a 48-hour ceremony with all these different rituals and baths and counseling and voodoo and magic—it was just a wonderful experience.

SH: How long have you been married?

Dr. Mitchell: Since December 1 of last year.

SH: How long have you two known each other?

Dr. Mitchell: For four years.

SH: How did you meet him?

Dr. Mitchell: On an airplane flying back home to New York to see my family. It turns out we both grew up in New Jersey at about 10 minutes away from each other.

SH: What does he do?

Dr. Mitchell: He is in the entertainment business. He’s in entertainment management here in Los Angeles.

SH: Up until now, you’ve lived a pretty full, well-balanced life. Any regrets?

Dr. Mitchell: I think the only regret I have is that my dad didn’t get to see my doctorate and see me graduate. That was something that was very special to me and I just wish that he had been around to see that. But, I have never made a choice in my life that I don’t think has enriched my life in one way or another. I’ve probably made some mistakes here and there but in hindsight they were worth the lesson behind them. So, I have no regrets.

Dr. Sharon Mitchell9373-3Q
PH.D. in Human Sexuality
Founder of the
Adult Industry Medical
Health Care Foundation

Dr. Mitchell received her PH.D. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. California. She completed her residency in Los Angeles, California at the AIM Healthcare Foundation.

In February 2001 Dr. Mitchell was invited by the South African Government to help write documentation that has been submitted to the Minister of Health on forming a sexworker organization for better healthcare and now has a satellite program in Johannesburg with DISA sexual health and reproductive center.

In 1999 Dr. Mitchell was invited to Budapest Hungary to teach HIV and Hepatitis monitoring programs for the Adult Industry Talent.

Dr. Mitchell is active in all forms of local and national government and is considered as an activist and educator for sexworkers all over the world. Through her, AIM has become affiliated with government health services in Los Angeles County and at the national level. She regularly speaks about HIV prevention education throughout the US, and has traveled to Hungary and South Africa to address community leaders and sex workers there. She is a featured speaker at the annual US Conference on AIDS. She organizes fund raisers and convinces companies and individuals to donate to AIM programs. Dr. Sharon is launching outreach into other sex and strip clubs, to be managed by a former strip club dancer. Long-term, her goal is to emphasize sex workers' rights and to encourage their independent decision making. And, she's developing harm reduction programs for sexually active adults, teens, and drug users to minimize behavioral risks to themselves and others.

In 1998 there was an HIV outbreak in the Adult Entertainment Industry involving many people that Dr. Mitchell had worked with when she was in movies. The Industry gave Dr. Mitchell the support that she needed to found the AIM Healthcare Foundation. AIM is a nonprofit organization serving sexworkers and the general public in areas of HIV testing, and counseling of many types, including gynecology services, STD testing and treatment and industry related educational groups and videotape informational materials. Today AIM Heathcare serves over 1,200 clients a month and is expanding into a larger full service facility (we have opened another location in Woodland Hills, California) to better serve the community. Dr. Sharon Mitchell is known an expert and as a resource in sexual health and education and has been on many television and radio shows including CNN, 20/20, O’Reily Report, OP ED Piece/NY Times, National Public Radio, MTV, HBO, MSNBC, KROQ, LA TIMES, LA DAILY NEWS, LANCET MEDICAL JOURNAL, ELLE MAGAZINE, POZ MAGAZINE. Dr. Mitchell also lectures and teaches an HIV, STD safe love class at colleges, institutions of many types.

In 1996 Dr. Mitchell survived a near fatal attack on her life by a crazed fan, which changed her life forever. Shortly after the attack Dr. Mitchell returned to college and became a certified counselor specializing in HIV and Chemical Dependency. She is now a MPH/Clinical Sexologist and has received her Ph.D. in Human Sexuality from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California.

Dr. Sharon Mitchell spent 25 years in the Adult Entertainment Industry as an actress, appearing in over 2000 movies, as a dancer performing in venues all over the world, and she has produced and directed over 42 movies.

Sharon Mitchell PH.D.
Clinical Sexologist
Human Sexuality Counseling

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

While AIM Healthcare Foundation, the non profit organization that I founded 7 years ago continues to lead the industry in HIV/ STD testing and counseling, it is with a great deal of pleasure that I am notifying you about the opening of my Clinical Sexology private practice located in Encino, California. I specialize in counseling sessions for individuals, couples, groups, as well as conducting workshops. My desire is to network within a community of other experienced and respected professionals, who share my desire to create an atmosphere in our culture where in sexual concerns can openly be discussed without fear or shame, and promote healing.

Within my background in Clinical Sexology, as well as being trained in body-centered psychotherapy, lie the principles of compassion and respect, along with the practice of mindfulness. As a Clinical Sexologist my desire is to treat my clients by providing them with the most advanced and highest degree of counseling. Some examples of the tasks that are pertinent to a Clinical Sexologist are:

•Listening to and understanding the sexual concerns of the clients
•Taking sex histories and assessing etiologies
•Helping clients identify their sexual needs and pre-conditions for sex
•Offering suggestions, behavioral options, and home assignments
•Modeling communication possibilities
•Dispelling myths about sex
•Giving factual information a personal sex education
•Fostering healthy views towards sex
•Referring clients to physicians and psychotherapists when necessary

As a working professional, I also have many years of experience in drug and alcohol counseling. I am certified as a specialist in the field. Recovery is very important to me and I do know that often it is harder to stay clean and sober, than to get clean and sober. I do also understand that for some, relapse is part of recovery.

I would like to thank you in advance for sharing this information with other professionals and clients that you believe may benefit from my practice.

My office is conveniently located in Encino, California, near the 101 and 405 freeways. For clients that are referred to me by you my rates will run $75-$100 per hour. Please feel free to call or e-mail me directly with any questions or for further information regarding my practice.

Sharon Mitchell, PH.D.

Dr. Sharon Mitchell
5435 Balboa Blvd.
Suite #207
Encino, CA 91316

Monday through Friday, 10am-5pm

Phone: 818 905-8054

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No Man's Land 2 Video Team 1989
Nympho Lesbians VCX 1989
Open House Leisure Time Entertainment 1989
Outrageous Housewife 1 Control T Studios 1989
Sex Charades Leisure Time Entertainment 1989
Sharon Mitchell Non-stop Vidco Entertainment 1989
Simply Irresistible Coast To Coast 1989
Tail for Sale Vidco Entertainment 1989
Taste Of Angel Pink Video 1989
This Bun's For You CDI Home Video 1989
Trans Europe Express VCA 1989
Ultimate Climax Venus 99 1989
UninhiBIted VCA 1989
Wacky World Of X-rated Bloopers Gourmet Video Collection 1989
Wicked Women Gourmet Video Collection 1989
Wild Women 64: Sharon Mitchell Western Visuals 1989
Women Who Seduce Women Gourmet Video Collection 1989
XTV 1 Pleasure Productions 1989
B&D Sorority B & D Pleasures 1990
Best Of Bruce Seven 2 Bizarre Video 1990
Best Of Bruce Seven 3 Bizarre Video 1990
Best Of Bruce Seven 4 Bizarre Video 1990
Big Guns Catalina Video Distributors 1990
Blue Vanities 128 Blue Vanities 1990
Boobs Butts And Bloopers 2 Filmco Releasing 1990
Dirty Books Venus 99 1990
Dresden Diary 4: The Saga Continues Bizarre Video 1990
Erotic Explosions 11 Pleasure Productions 1990
Erotic Explosions 3 Pleasure Productions 1990
Erotic Explosions 4 Pleasure Productions 1990
Female Persuasion Soho Video 1990
Ginger Then and Now Vivid 1990
Girl Country Coast To Coast 1990
Girl Crazy CDI Home Video 1990
Have I Got A Girl For You Leisure Time Entertainment 1990
Hot Services Wet Video 1990
Invitation Only Zane Entertainment Group 1990
Kiss Thy Mistress' Feet 1 Bizarre Video 1990
Kiss Thy Mistress' Feet 2 Bizarre Video 1990
L.A. Fantasies Western Visuals 1990
Ladies Lovin' Ladies Arrow Productions 1990
Last X-rated Movie 1 Command Video 1990
Le Sex De Femme 5 Zane Entertainment Group 1990
Lick My Lips Las Vegas Video 1990
Midnight Fantasies Leisure Time Entertainment 1990
Morning After California Wildcats 1990
Naked Truth Filmco Releasing 1990
National Transsexual Gourmet Video Collection 1990
Night Vibes Knight Video 1990
Only The Best 3 Metro 1990
Pure Energy Leisure Time Entertainment 1990
Swing And Swap Party 2 CDI Home Video 1990
Taste Of Barbii Pink Video 1990
Taste Of Sharon Mitchell Caballero Home Video 1990
Tax Trouble California Wildcats 1990
Three Score Marlowe Sales 1990
Toys For Twats Vivid 1990
Weekend Blues Metro 1990
Wet Tails Unknown 1990
1-800-TIME Infinity Film And Video 1991
Bare Essentials Leisure Time Entertainment 1991
Bi Dream Of Genie Stallion Video 1991
Bi Spy Stallion Video 1991
Bi-analist Stallion Video 1991
Black Balled Zane Entertainment Group 1991
Bondage Academy B & D Pleasures 1991
Bondage Academy 2: Dark Hall B & D Pleasures 1991
Boss Bitch In Bondage Unknown 1991
Breast of America CDI Home Video 1991
Catfighting 2 Student Fetish 1991
Climb To The Sex-dome 3 Eye Shadow Productions 1991
Enema Obedience Bizarre Video 1991
Get Bi Tonight Pleasure Productions 1991
Girls Girls And More Girls Las Vegas Video 1991
Girls Gone Bad 3 Gourmet Video Collection 1991
Girls Gone Bad 4 Gourmet Video Collection 1991
Girls Gone Bad 5 Gourmet Video Collection 1991
HHHot TV 2 CDI Home Video 1991
Ladies Lovin' Ladies 2 Arrow Productions 1991
Lair of the Bondage Bandits London Enterprises 1991
Last X-rated Movie 2 Command Video 1991
Last X-rated Movie 3 Command Video 1991
Last X-rated Movie 4 Command Video 1991
Legends Of Porn 3 Metro 1991
Lesbians Bondage And Blackjack Bizarre Video 1991
Lesbionic Woman Bikini 1991
Lessons In Humiliation Bizarre Video 1991
Motorcycle Mistress Mamas Unknown 1991
Nights In Black Satin Unknown 1991
Nights In Black Satin (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1991
Open House (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1991
Passion Princess Venus 99 1991
Promises In The Dark CDI Home Video 1991
Sins of Nina Hartley Mirage 1991
Slaves In Heat Bizarre Video 1991
Special Request 2 Unknown 1991
Suburban Dykes Fatale Video 1991
Tales From The Whip London Video/Lyndon Distributors 1991
Taming Of June Bauer London Video/Lyndon Distributors 1991
Trapped By The Mistress Bizarre Video 1991
Ultimate B & D Pleasures 1991
Adult Video News Awards 1992 VCA 1992
Amber Waves Video Team 1992
Anal Future VCA 1992
Best of Female Domination 6: Crawl Slave Crawl Bizarre Video 1992
Best Of Female Domination 7: Learn Your Lessons Bizarre Video 1992
Bizarre Mistress Series: Mistress Jacqueline Bizarre Video 1992
Boss' Boy Toy Star Maker Video 1992
Bubble Butts 16 L.B.O. Entertainment 1992
Buns and Roses (new) Venus 99 1992
Defiance: The Spanking Saga Bizarre Video 1992
Defiance: The Spanking Saga Continues Bizarre Video 1992
Enema 5 Student Fetish 1992
Enema Bondage Bizarre Video 1992
Erotic Explosions 13 Pleasure Productions 1992
Footworship 4 Prestige Video 1992
Full Nest Western Visuals 1992
Gangbang Girl 2 Anabolic Video 1992
Girl's Affair 1 Fat Dog 1992
Holly's Hollywood Star Maker Video 1992
I Remember When... Atlas 1992
Latex Submission 1 Bizarre Video 1992
Mistress Jacqueline's Slave School Bizarre Video 1992
Only The Best Of Girls With Curves Metro 1992
Play It Again Samantha Video Team 1992
Red Room and Other Places Command Video 1992
Rites Of Passage: Transformation Of A Student To A Slave Bizarre Video 1992
Seymore Butts In the Love Shack Factory Home Video 1992
Seymore Butts Rides Again Factory Home Video 1992
Spank! Star Maker Video 1992
Wet Pink Pleasure Productions 1992
Adult Video News Awards 1993 VCA 1993
At The Mercy Of Mistress Jacqueline Star Maker Video 1993
Best Of Female Domination 10: Bend To Her Will Bizarre Video 1993
Best Of Female Domination 11: Mistres' Stable Bizarre Video 1993
Best Of Female Domination 12: Women Of Steel Bizarre Video 1993
Best Of Female Domination 8: Mistress Mine Bizarre Video 1993
Bizarre Mistress Series: Sharon Mitchell Bizarre Video 1993
Bondage Across The Border B & D Pleasures 1993
Bossy Mistress Star Maker Video 1993
Bound To Be Loved Unknown 1993
Chug-a-lug Girls 2 Video Team 1993
Dream Caller Bondage Bon Vue Enterprises 1993
Dresden Diary 5: Invasion Of Privacy Bizarre Video 1993
Dungeon DeSade Filmco Releasing 1993
Fantasy Doctor Shackle Video 1993
From Paris with Lust (new) Erotic Video Network 1993
Have I Got A Girl For You (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1993
I Love L.A. 2 (new) Erotic Video Network 1993
Latex Foot Torture Sinclair Blue 1993
Latex Submission 2 Bizarre Video 1993
Lipstick Lesbians Star Maker Video 1993
Madame's Boudoir Star Maker Video 1993
Maneaters 101 Silver Foxx Productions 1993
More Than A Handful (II) Justice Howard 1993
No Man's Land 8 Video Team 1993
Paddled Payoff Star Maker Video 1993
Sean Michaels' On The Road 7 Video Team 1993
Sharon Mitchell's Sex Clinic Filmco Releasing 1993
Sharon Mitchell's Sex Clinic 2 Filmco Releasing 1993
SM TV Unknown 1993
SM TV 2 Unknown 1993
Smothered Bound and Tickled Star Maker Video 1993
Sodomania 6 Elegant Angel 1993
Stasha's Last Kiss Leisure Time Entertainment 1993
Swedish Erotica Hard 31 Odyssey 1993
Toe-tally Foot-age Star Maker Video 1993
Ultimate Surrender of a Slave...The Final Bond Bizarre Video 1993
101 Sex Positions Vivid 1994
Assistant Vid Tech Films 1994
Best Of Flame Bizarre Video 1994
Chains Of Passion Shackle Video 1994
Colossal Orgy 1 Heatwave 1994
Colossal Orgy 3 Heatwave 1994
Dangerous Assignment Evil Angel 1994
Disciples Of Discipline Star Maker Video 1994
Domination Of Summer 1 Bizarre Video 1994
Domination Of Summer 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Enema Bandit Bizarre Video 1994
Enema Obedience 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Harlem Honeyz 2: Nasty In New York Coast To Coast 1994
Intense Visual Images 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell Bizarre Video 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 3 Bizarre Video 1994
Leatherbound Dykes From Hell 4 Bizarre Video 1994
Matronly Stern Spankings Star Maker Video 1994
Midnight Fantasies (new) Leisure Time Entertainment 1994
Oriental Oddballs Factory Home Video 1994
Party Partners Stallion Video 1994
Profiles In Discipline 1: Miss Sharon Mitchell Star Maker Video 1994
Queens Of Mean New Twist Productions 1994
Sharon Mitchell, Gender Bender L.B.O. Entertainment 1994
Spiked Heel Diaries 2 Bizarre Video 1994
Succulent Toes Star Maker Video 1994
Their Absolute Property Star Maker Video 1994
Threshold Of Fear B & D Pleasures 1994
Watersports Spree 1 Bizarre Video 1994
Weekend In Bondage Bizarre Video 1994
Witchcraft 2000: Tales Of Vanya Glitz Video 1994
Women Who Control the Family Jewels 2 Star Maker Video 1994
Best Of Female Domination 15: Hell Raising Mistresses Bizarre Video 1995
Blue Vanities 246 Blue Vanities 1995
Dragon Lady Sticky Video 1995
Enema Bandit Returns Bizarre Video 1995
Enema Obedience 3: The Ultimate Punishment Bizarre Video 1995
Feel The Sting London Enterprises 1995
Hellraising Mistresses Bizarre Video 1995
Infamous Crimes Against Nature Summit 1995
Journal Of O 1: Servant Slaves Ona Zee Presents 1995
Lesbian Sex Power and Money Star Maker Video 1995
Love Bytes Nu-Tech Digital 1995
Masked And Hooded Star Maker Video 1995
Mechanic Bi Day Lube Job Bi Night Sticky Video 1995
Miss Sharon Mitchell's Diaries 1 Star Maker Video 1995
Mistress Rules Star Maker Video 1995
Mistress Sharon's Girl Toy Star Maker Video 1995
Porsche Lynn Vault Mistress 1 Bizarre Video 1995
Porsche Lynn Vault Mistress 2 Bizarre Video 1995
Secret Life Of Herbert Dingle Totally Tasteless Video 1995
Sodomania and Then Some: A Compendium Elegant Angel 1995
Stiletto Vivid 1995
Adam & Eve's House Party 2 VCA 1996
Blue Vanities 278 Blue Vanities 1996
Bondage Watch: Miss Sharon Mitchell's Diaries 2 Star Maker Video 1996
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 27 Flying Leap Productions 1996
Dressed to Thrill Star Maker Video 1996
Finger Pleasures 8 Pleasure Productions 1996
From the Heart Xcitement Video 1996
Generation Sex 1: The Gallery Video Team 1996
Incantation Filmco Releasing 1996
Kym Wilde's On The Edge 38 Red Board Video 1996
Max World 6: Rolling And Reaming Legend Video 1996
Nasty Dancers 2 Star Maker Video 1996
Out Call Punishment Unknown 1996
Return Of Dr. Blacklove Coast To Coast 1996
Sado Sales Girl Unknown 1996
Student Enemas Prestige Video 1996
Submissive Exposure Profile 5: Keli Thomas Star Maker Video 1996
Toe To Toe Prestige Video 1996
Ultimate Fantasy Metro 1996
Amateur Bi-Sexuals Leisure Time Entertainment 1997
Blue Vanities 281 Blue Vanities 1997
Deep Inside Missy VCA 1997
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 29 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 30 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Dirty Bob's Xcellent Adventures 35 Flying Leap Productions 1997
Domination Divas Star Maker Video 1997
Dr. Sado Sado Vision 1997
Elegant's Angels 2 Elegant Angel 1997
Fountain of Innocence VCA 1997
Hellcats Filmco Releasing 1997
Las Vegas Revue '97 GM Video 1997
Masseuse 3 Vivid 1997
No Man's Land 16 Video Team 1997
Philmore Butts Looking For Lust Sunshine Films 1997
Search For Buttwoman Elegant Angel 1997
Seymore Butts Meets the Pure Pleasure Girls Sunshine Films 1997
Surveillance Fallen Angel 1997
Timeless VCA 1997
Wall To Wall Watersports Bizarre Video 1997
Bi Sexual Cocks Leisure Time Entertainment 1998
Debbie Does Dallas: The Next Generation Vivid 1998
Eyes Of Desire 1 Femme Productions 1998
Hurts So Good L.B.O. Entertainment 1998
Knockout Wicked Pictures 1998
Miss Sharon Mitchell's Another 40th Bithday 1998
New Girl On The Block Harmony Concepts 1998
Pornographer Extreme Associates 1998
Sexually Incorrect Pleasure Productions 1998
Sinful Desires 1 Klimaxxx Productions 1998
Sinful Desires 2 Klimaxxx Productions 1998
Three Brothers New Age Pictures 1998
Tina Tyler's Favorites 2: Lesbian Lick-a-thon Odyssey 1998
Toe Tales 56 Gotham Gold 1998
Violation of Chandler JM Productions 1998
75 Nurse Orgy Vivid 1999
Dirty Dancers 16 Fallen Angel 1999
High Heeled Dreams Bizarre Video 1999
Las Vegas Revue '99 GM Video 1999
Naked In Tampa Bay 1999 1 GM Video 1999
Prisoner Of Sex Jet Multimedia 1999
Sex Fun 2 Dave Cummings Productions 1999
Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 3 Elegant Angel 1999
Sweat Bitch London Video/Lyndon Distributors 1999
Torn VCA 1999
Whispers New Sensations 1999
Wildlife 7: Night Moves Tampa Florida Midnight Video 1999
World's Luckiest Patient Vivid 1999
Bi Beginners Leisure Time Entertainment 2000
Blowjob Tour Of Los Angeles 1 IMD Film & Video 2000
Geisha Boy Girls Executive (Leisure Time Entertainment) 2000
Hayride Honeys Vivid 2000
Horny Blowjob Babes VCA 2000
No Escape! London Video/Lyndon Distributors 2000
Overtime: Anal Antics Video Team 2000
S.M.U.T. 16: Bright Lights Dark City Elegant Angel 2000
Seized and Controlled London Video/Lyndon Distributors 2000
Shooter Vivid 2000
Bi Couples Who Swap Leisure Time Entertainment 2001
She Male Sperm Whores 4 Leoram Inc 2001
Wadd: The Life And Times Of John C. Holmes VCA 2001
Sodomania: Slop Shots 11 Elegant Angel 2002
Sulka Superstar Leoram Inc 2002
Deep Inside Ginger Lynn Vivid 2003
Legends Of Sex Simon Wolf 2003
Paul Barresi Superstar Control T Studios 2003
Paul Barresi: Superstar Control T Studios 2003
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 14 Caballero Classics 2003
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 24 Caballero Classics 2003
Swedish Erotica 4Hr 8 Caballero Classics 2003
Lickity Slit Wicked Pictures 2004
Best of Amber Lynn Sunshine Films 2005
Golden Age of Porn: Lynn LeMay and Viper Gentlemen's Video 2005
Helga Sven: 40+ Bra Buster Alpha Blue Archives 2005
International Battle of the Superstars Caballero Home Video 2006
Swedish Erotica 107 Caballero Home Video 2007
Swedish Erotica 73 (new) Caballero Classics 2007
Swedish Erotica 82 (new) Caballero Home Video 2007
Swedish Erotica 83 (new) Caballero Home Video 2007
Golden Age Of She Male Porn 2 Gentlemen's Video 2008
Bad Sex Unknown
Golden Age Of Bi Porn 2 Gentlemen's Video
Horny Landlady Something Weird Video
Satan Lake Unknown

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